Some days we just like to take it easy…

The last few weeks have been busy. For all of us. Husband has been travelling, daughter and I have been busy with our own schedules during the week, and the weekends have been a mad rush with birthday parties, dinners and shopping. I can’t believe that once upon a time, when we first came to this country, I used to complain about the lack of social  life. Now, all I want is a quiet weekend, when the most I do is laze around doing nothing.

Today is a school holiday- thanks to the public sector strike today. I asked daughter what she wanted to do today, and pat came the answer, ‘Can we just stay at home?’. I could hug for that 🙂

So all we have done since morning is laze around, read a couple of books in bed, together, ate a leisurely breakfast, played hide and seek together… All I want is more days like this – when we choose to do nothing, when we can just laze around, read, and eat 🙂 The weather is perfect for us too – cold, grey, sad, making us so happy to stay indoors, warm and snug.

We still will have a busy evening, but that is alright, isn’t it? After a morning of lazing around, the least we can do is have a busy evening? What do you say?



So, tell me, are you working?

No, Not really..

I just relax at home and at the snap of my fingers, little elves do the dishes, put the washing in the washing machine, cook, clean, vacuum, clean toilets, bathtubs, tidy up.. Apart from bathing, feeding and looking after my daughter, grocery shopping, play dates.. I just laze around and relax!

Yes, thats what SAHMs* do! We just have a lazy, lazy life, don’t we?


* SAHM – Stay at home mother