When my legs went on strike..

Today was one of those days when little goes according to plan.

I had my work all chalked out, but was disrupted when I got caught in a chat by email marathon with some of the looniest characters in blogworld (you guys know who you are, let me not name and shame all of us :)). Before I knew it, time had flown right out of the window.

Now this is one of the things I hate about living here, no maids, having to run around doing stuff all by myself, and before I knew it, it was time to pick up daughter from the nursery. Now she goes to another nursery 2 days a week and it is a mile from where we live. I have perfected the art of leaving at the last minute possible, in order to pick her up, dot at 1:00. With careful iterations, I have reached my best time of 15 minutes door to door, and today, it was 12:50 before I could get out of the house. And I had not even had the time to have lunch – which in my case is a disastrous thing to do.

With 5 minutes already eaten up and the nursery charging by the minute for every minute we are late, I had to somehow reach on time. So I drew up a back up plan. As soon as I reached the walking trail, away from curious eyes, I would have to sprint. Walking was not going to take me there in 10 minutes. So as soon as I reached a point in the walking trail where no nosy-parker could see me, I set off, only to come to a grinding halt in under 3o secs. I almost ran into a terrified toddler, clinging to his mother, terrified at the sight of my hurling down the path, handbag and fleece jacket flying in the air. I must have looked like Phoebe 😦

After that, I tried running after the toddler and his mum were out of sight, but my legs refused. They refused to be punished for my wasting away my time and expecting the world out of them, without providing them with adequate nourishment . Not only did they refuse to run, they also refused to walk as fast as they normally do. Talk about disobedient legs! And ways, after a lot of cajoling, they decided to up their pace. By then, not just my legs, my tummy was protesting in hunger too.

Finally, despite my short lived sprint, I reached the nursery only at 1:05, and picked up daughter. They did not mention anything about being late – but I guess, next month’s bill will.

By the time, I got daughter to leave the place (she loves her nursery so much, that she tries to linger there as much as she can – am sure those people must be thinking that I torture her at home ), I wasdelirious with hunger and my legs were killing me. Turns out, daughter wanted to add to that. She was in the mood for some running. So off she went, and I had to run with her, my legs cursing me with every step, and tummy rumbling ominously.

If all that running was not enough, she also had to go and play in the park. Now, I want her to be active, but sometimes, I do wish she would say things like, ‘Can we go home quickly and sleep’, instead, her park time fun never ends. It was 2:30 by the time, I managed to pull her away from the park, and haul ourselves home and get some food inside me. What bliss, to be able to eat something!

Starving for 2.3 hours, almost killed me. Tell me guys, how do those amongst you who fast, without food or drink, manage? My admiration for you guys, have increased manifold after today.