Princess Detox and random nothings..

More of random nothings actually.

Two weeks back, when we got back from holiday, I was bursting with energy and posts in my head were just waiting to be penned down. One busy week left me with no enthusiasm for doing a post, or even glancing at my reader. I go through such crazy phases – when I have no time to blog, I have too much to post, and at other times – it is quite the reverse!

The one thing I have realized is that one big reason why I am able to be a SAHM is blogging. It certainly has enhanced my life in more ways than one, and not being able to blog, certainly pulls me down.

One of the things that I am oh so delighted to announce is that Poohi is almost totally ‘princess detoxed’. This time in Disney, all she wanted was to do rides and roller coasters, much to her dad and my delight! When given a choice between ‘meeting princesses and fairies’ and riding a roller-coaster – she chose the roller-coaster without a second thought! I have to say that that made my day. Although she still is a bit of a moral policewoman. We saw Princess Jasmine and she ran to meet her, only to walk away suddenly. On being asked why, she says, ‘ I don’t like her tummy showing’!

I have been baking and eating – a lot, and no/t getting any exercise. I have fallen in love with melt-in-the-middle chocolate cakes and can’t have enough of them! The best part is that I can make a batch, pour them into ramekins and just bake them when we feel like it. Pictures? No, they don’t last long enough for pictures to get taken. The bad part is that I end up eating them on  regular basis. Then again, life is too short to worry about a cake or two, isn’t it?

Remember that reading challenge I took up? Well, I am happy to say that I am well on my way to reading the 10 books I had committed on. I have also added a new page dedicated to the books I read. I wanted to find out how many books I actually read in a year, so I copied Monika’s reading corner idea 🙂 Hope you don’t mind, Mon. Maybe you guys could tell me which books of out of those listed, you want me to review? That might not prevent me from inflicting my reviews on you 🙂

During our holiday in America, I had a ‘lost in translation’ moment. In a shop, I wasn’t sure if someone was in the queue to bill her stuff. So I asked her, ‘ Are you in the queue’?

She looked lost, until her companion said, ‘Oh she means ‘line’!   They say ‘queue’ for ‘line’ in some language’ and then turning to me, ‘ No, we are not in the line, which language is it in, though?’

Me, ‘ Well, I did think it was English’ 😉