I love You….

Internet! What were you guys thinking?

Well, I know, I know, but I had to say this because right now, I am feeling so, so very indebted to the Internet.. You see, I was about to start baking a cake for my daughter’s birthday – when I thought that I should check whether I had icing sugar or not.. For some reason I had checked out every other ingredient except this! I remember seeing a pack – so was quite confident.. Well, turned out that the pack was there – but the icing sugar was almost over 😦

So what do we do now? Too late to shop for it – had to find a substitute. So turned to my agony aunt – my beloved google – and it found it for me!  Thank you Google!!! You are the greatest!!!

I have so many such moments – and I never cease to be amazed, more than the actual amount of information – the fact that there are so many like me – who seem to have the exact same question 🙂 Sure makes you feel like you belong to a club 🙂

The other day – I had another question – How to find out if expired baking powder can be used – and lo and behold – lots of people with that very query and answers too. And happy answers , because it turned out that I could – just needed to test it each time before using it:) So if you have any of my cakes – be warned – made of expired baking powder 🙂

PS :I could use some advise on ‘how to keep a very excited, almost three-yr-old away from cakes’ 🙂