The Best and the Worst of two worlds..

Living away from a place, in a lot of ways, makes you a stranger, ill equipped to deal with simple things, sometimes..

– Talking about the weather doesn’t make a conversation starter. These days, if I start a conversation with the weather, more often than not, I am met with a blank stare. I’m sure the other person must be thinking I’m a little soft in the head. On the other hand, if you ask about their children – you can be rest assured that you might not need to contribute much for the rest of the conversation 🙂

– You feel decidedly unhappy when it rains, and people think you’re crazy. Yes, the sight of sun streaming in, still makes me happy 🙂 Years of yearning for the sun does that to you, I guess. Just this morning, I rearranged all my balconies such that my plants get the optimal level of sunlight. The only complaint I have is that at the moment, one of my balconies – the largest one, gets no sunlight at all. Can’t get everything, I guess.

– You almost buy clothes without trying them on, only to remember that I can’t just return them later. It sure helps in reducing random buying though. It works only for clothes – I wish it were more effective for food as well.

– Random people being rude to you, for no reason at all. While I do understand that it must have been the over all stress and chaos that makes them rude, it takes me back at first, because I start wondering, what I did to trigger it.

Of course, there are plenty of habits which I’ve acquired here, that is going to make my life tough if/when I do need to go back. I’m going to miss the delicious breakfasts I get to make -ready made dosa batter to the rescue. And of course the gorgeous weather will ensure that my batter will rise- when I end up buying a grinder. Being able to step out on a Sunday evening and not feeling desolate at the sight of closed shops, even if one had no plans of shopping.

But what I will miss the most is the ease of meeting family. I had family over last week, and it was such a wonderful time. Going out, meeting relatives, sitting around, chatting, gossiping, eating.. What fun it was! Of course, it helps when you have aunts and uncles who are closer to your age than your parents 🙂 How lucky would I be, if I could get all this in one place 🙂 Or at the very least, get to stay on here…

For now, husband is going to be here on holiday in December, tickets are booked, plans fixed and we can’t wait! We’re counting days now!

Back to Square One(almost)

In other words – we might just have to go back to the UK.

Returning back was something, I was confident, we would not end up doing.

Just goes to show how unpredictable life is, and even the best laid plans are not enough – sometimes. We might need to go back to the UK. We might have to return, not for the usual reasons, but because we can’t find a job here!

Eight years in the UK, we refused to put down roots there. Mainly because India always felt like home, and there was nothing we looked forward to more than coming back to Bangalore and living the dream we dreamed. Everything was as per plan, when we moved back in July. Or rather, until Daughter and I moved back – husband was still there for a while, until he got a job in Bangalore. How difficult would it be? Not too difficult, is what I had assumed, husband was far more realistic, even then. But clearly, I assumed wrong. Apparently, most companies just want him to go back abroad on projects. That doesn’t exactly bode well for our, ‘End of nomadic existence’ plan, does it? If we have to be abroad, we would stick to his current job, and stay in one place – UK, rather than be shunted back and forth on projects while being an India employee.

So right now, we are wondering if we took the decision too quickly, if we should have waited till husband got a job before relocating. At that time, this seemed the best thing to do, to come here at the start of the academic year, so that daughter would not have to miss much, so that she could settle in easier. And it worked too – to that extent. Daughter is comfortable, well settled in school but missing her Daddy terribly. She just cannot understand why he can’t get a job here, or why he can’t just come here and find a job.. It’s taking a toll on all of us but hopefully, we will be able to look back at this phase and smile, in a few years time.

Hoping for the best, here we are gearing up for the worst – having to pack up and head back. After a year apart – we plan to give it a year – until the end of this academic year, and lots of money(and effort) spent on the apartment(and other things), we might just have to head back. The mere thought of that make my heart sink. While it would be wonderful to be back with husband, I only wish it were him joining us, rather than the other way around. The main reason we decided to move back – parents, would still be a reason which makes it tough for me to go back. It feels really bad to be so far away, at a time when they might need us… I so wish we were living some place closer to home.

On the positive side -I do believe that daughter would have it better there – in many ways, education, opportunities. And most importantly, safety. Every time I read the newspaper, it scares me. I know, its silly to worry like this,but one can’t help worry. As I have mentioned earlier, I had/have my doubts if India is the best place for daughter, but I was still hopeful that we would be fine. Every country comes with own set of problems, but being in India had so many things we were looking forward to. Being close to family, the fun, that feeling of belonging, and to be finally able to set down roots. For daughter, it is those simple things like being able to play outside everyday. Not having to worry about rain spoiling her playtime. But after the first few months of soaking in the new place, the new atmosphere, now, she has started missing her old school, and friends and also comparing them. Although she hasn’t been very upset, she does wonder why they don’t do some things in the school here, like experiments. But she’s alright, and I suspect she will be perfectly at peace here, once husband gets to join us. Right now, I think the situation has started to unsettle her, just a bit.

Being in a situation like this is annoying, and frustrating, to say the least, the uncertainty, killing. ‘Suspended equilibrium’, sort of situation. No idea which way we go. I’ve stopped getting work done on the flat. We had been looking forward to so many things, not knowing that what we would get is uncertainty and confusion. Right now, I would settle for some definite plans – either way, it would just be good to know which way.

Taking one day at a time, doing just what needs doing, at the moment, keeping our fingers crossed, and hoping that whatever be the outcome, we have the strength to face it, and make the most of it. And if we do go back, one thing is for sure, we would not be doing any relocation, unless all of us move together – lessons learnt, eh?

OMG! I’ve turned into my husband!

You know, how they claim that couples married for ages start looking like each other? Well, I’m not quite sure about the that, but what I can tell you is that I’ve started reading like husband. Rather have started reading the same things as husband.

It all started when I started researching to figure out which phone to upgrade to. Husband told me about a few websites that are good, with comparative analysis and technical specifications, and needless to say, I am hooked. It is great fun, you know, and not easy at all, zeroing in on the one you want, the perfect one, the one you will hold in your hands, well, until the next upgrade 😉 Research is important, isn’t it?

It was all fine before ordering my phone, but I continue to read them, even after ordering it!

The time I used to spend reading blogs, I have been reading about the Android-Apple wars, nameless people fighting on the internet, about who has the smartest phone of them all, and not having enough of it.

Last night I read until 12:00 in the night before I realized that my head was aching. That di did not stop me from waking up and reading some more. Who would’ve thought that phones would hook me so badly. Now, I understand why husband hates the idea of anybody gifting him a phone or any other piece of technology – that would rob him of hours and hours of analysis!

I tell you, I’ve turned into my husband 😦

Books are for Showing Off?

I heard someone say that people read to show off. That started me thinking.

A lot of my posts are about books, book reviews, or just how much I love reading. The only reason they appear here, is because reading is such a huge part of my life, part of who I am. People who know me personally, will tell you how I always have a book with me. Always. Because that’s what I love to do – read. I grab every minute I can, to do that thing I like doing the most.

For a long while, after I started blogging, while writing about my love of reading, I never reviewed books. Mainly because I was not sure if I would ever do justice to the books. I mean, the authors put so much energy and effort into crafting the book, it just takes half a page to spoil it for someone, doesn’t it? Which is probably why, I don’t review the books that I don’t like too much. It took me a while to get the confidence to write reviews of the books I liked.

I started listing the books I read, because husband keeps asking me if I have any idea how many books I read in a year( I suspect he wants to figure out how much money the library helped us save ;)). So when I saw Monika listing her books, I decided that I should do that too. Just to keep track.

If you came home, you would see how much books are part of our lives. We have books everywhere, mine and daughter’s mainly. Husband just hangs on to his precious Kindle. He is so hooked on it, that he claims that he can no longer read normal books. Sigh! That Kindle was supposed to be a gift for me, you know! Anyway, nothing makes me happier than lugging bags of books back from the library.

Talking, writing, discussing about the books we read, is so much fun. So many books I read today are the result of books that have been recommended by so many of you. And I think I have loved every one of them! And it is not just the books that I enjoy, I love the discussion on books that we have in comment sections – those are just as much fun, aren’t they? They offer so many perspectives – on the books, on the author’s writing style, and sometimes, it makes me realize that books that I adore might be books which others might ever want to touch.

Now, I can’t help wondering if there might be people who might consider it all a show-off. Do people think like that? I was really surprised to hear that some people do think of it as that..

Having said that, I do know of one person who told me to give her all my books(the few that I have bought here) because she likes to ‘collect’ books. Not read them – just collect them and display them on her shelf 🙂

On a kind of related note, do read ‘How to be a woman’ by Caitlin Moran. That is one book, I could definitely not do justice in a review. I can’t thank CR enough for that recommendation! I liked it so much that I went hunting for reviews – and found this one that I really liked 🙂 and one by a man. Go on, read it and tell me what you think!

Day Out – White Scar Caves

There couldn’t be a better proclamation of Spring, than the weather last weekend. Gloriously sunny, warm, perfect!

We always wanted to book a B&B and go away on a spur-of-the-moment trip – but alas, we couldn’t, this week. Daughter had a Kumon award ceremony on Sunday, so we couldn’t really go away. We still wanted to make the most of the time that we did have, so off we went to the White Scar Caves in Yorkshire Dales. We had been to a show cave in Wales a few years back, and had really enjoyed the experience.

Just a 1.5 hr drive away, the caves are Britain’s longest show cave.  We only started at around 1:30, after daughter’s swimming lessons and lunch. On a side note, Husband will never be happy with the fact that the swimming lessons are on a Saturday- it kind of cramps the day, you know. But then, swimming is a life skill, and I did not want to compromise on that, when we have nothing available on any of the other days.

The route was scenic, as always. Yorkshire Dales have a distinctive look, and it feels amazingly calm and peaceful. All you want to is stop the car, and lie down on the grass.. with sheep grazing nearby, and streams gurgling away.. The only thing I don’t like is that it is difficult to park the car and reach some of the most gorgeous places..

You can catch a glimpse while driving through, but not much more.. I so wish we could find a B&B near these most scenic places, and then find a walking trail – that would be just great! We had once been to a place like this. We keep planning to go back there- but funnily enough, have never managed to.

We reached the caves just after 3. After that glorious sunny weather, we were shocked to be greeted by cold winds. Thankfully we had our jackets with us(you never know, when the weather changes, in this country!). The next tour was at 4:00, and we had a long long wait – in chilly, windy weather. There was a cafe, thankfully, we sat there, nursing coffees while daughter inhaled a doughnut – I’ve never seen her eat something so fast. Sitting there, we noticed that there were some ponies and ducks, so we decided to go and say hello to them, for a change.

Only here, do we get all excited when we see goats, and hens 🙂 Daughter, was too chicken to touch, she was happy enough to just see them. I’m not complaining, I was happy to not have to run to the washroom to wash our hands again.

Finally the tour began. Just to give you an idea of how old these caves are..

These caves were first discovered by Christopher Long, a student from Cambridge. Apparently he stumbled across these caves, and entered it with just a few candles balanced on his hat. A model of his is placed there to give us an idea of what Christopher Long did back in 1923.

He had wanted to open it up as a show cave, but he died in 1924 before that was possible. In 1925, miners were brought in, to create an entrance so that visitors could view the show caves so thankfully, we did not need to crawl through to get into the caves.

The first stop – the water fall..

Then on, we followed the water trail to go further up. The only way to see these caves are by by tours. Each tour takes about 80 minutes, passing through two low height tunnels -we had to crouch low to go through, a squeeze(not too bad, to be honest 🙂 ), and 97 steps. We covered about a mile underground. We had been given hard hats, and we had assumed that they were just general health and safety procedures – but most of us did bump our heads – especially in the low height areas – even short people like me!

Can you see the gushing waters? We walked over it on a metal grid pathway.

Dark and spooky…..  ….it would have been, if we were not accompanied by a group of chattering tourists 🙂

And we saw formations – stalactites and stalagmites.. of all sorts.. If this had been in India, at least one of them would have been worshipped as a ‘natural’ Shiva Lingam 🙂

And now, I am too tired to upload any more pics!

Okay, just a few more. We also got to see the fossil of a sea snail, much to daughter’s delight. She has been fascinated by fossils ever since she started learning about dinosaurs.

And finally reached the Battlefield Cavern(climbing up 97 steps -not so easy, as we realized). It was so named because it looks like some giants had a battle there, throwing boulders at each other. It also had the most delicate, beautiful stalactites ever! They were gorgeous! Photography was not allowed in this cavern.

Check out these natural pavings – don’t they look man-made?

And can you see the witch of the cave?

That was the end of the tour -all we needed to do was make our way back. And that was much faster. Most people seemed to run back. Of course, all that speed went off as soon as we reached the Gorilla Walks, where we had to crouch and get our heads bumped – all over again. Coming back into the open, felt so different. The sunlight never felt more welcoming.

That was one wonderful Saturday afternoon. Even if we ended up underground on a gorgeous sunny day. We did make the most of Sunday’s good weather – but I feel too lazy to to write about it now.

So what did you do this weekend? Who else is celebrating Spring?

Weighty woes.

I did not weigh myself for months. I thought I was above all that. Surely I can’t let my self image by defined by what the weighing scales say, can I?

Then one day, the Wii Fit got switched on, because daughter wanted to play something one. While on the subject of gaming gadgets, we have the play station and the Wii – and neither gets used for months. And before you judge us, let me tell you how that happened. For a long time, we just had a tiny portable TV. Both of us were working for Indian IT companies, and we all know how it is, don’t we? You never know when it is time to go back to India. So we did not want to buy an expensive TV or any such gadget that we would have to leave behind. Then husband changed jobs and got into a UK based jobs. This meant, that we would be able to decide when to return, rather than our jobs deciding for us. And the first thing we, husband bought was the big TV. I couldn’t see(still don’t) the point of it, given that I only watch NDTV or the BBC once in a while. Once the TV was bought, husband wanted to buy a blue-ray dvd player. He did the research(he does extensive research when it comes to gadgets, which is why I can never gift him a gadget – he hates being deprived of all that research and analysis), and came to the conclusion that  the Playstation is the best option because it also came with a blue ray player. Till date,we could count on our fingers the times he must have used it as a gaming equipment.

Now the Wii, is all my fault. One of my friends bought it, and raved about it. So much that I did some research and came to the conclusion that it is just what I need. And since then it sits on our entertainment unit, as a decorative piece.

Every once in a while I get into my exercise mood and switch it on, and it tells me that it has been a long time since it last saw me. I use it for a week or so, before my resolve goes for a toss, and I am back to being lazy me.

So back to my story of my weight. I have put on loads of weight in the last few weeks. Not entirely surprised given that I have been baking a lot. Plus with husband away, I read late into the night after daughter is asleep. I eat early(early dinners being good and all that), and then get hungry as I read. So end up munching junk. All that munching shows on my scales now. And what do I do? I go and make a sponge cake 😦 I made it on daughter’s request – but how do I stop myself from helping myself to some as well?

I guess the only option is to not check my weight for some time, don’t you think? Or I have to scare myself into watching what I eat.. How do you guys manage? I lose my motivation within minutes 😦

Weekend Tales..

.. of going round and round in circles, and a wonderful movie..

In short, that was what our weekend was all about. I started the weekend rather badly(or should I say, painfully), with a horrid, horrid migraine, which started it’s assault on Friday morning. I went to bed on Saturday hoping that sleep would chase away the migraine – but no such luck! Saturday morning dawned with daughter’s voice ringing in my ears, and the migraine pounding away at my head. I envy all those who get to sleep in on the weekends – I never ever get to do that 😦 Either I wake up – thanks to my own internal alarm, or daughter does the job. And then on, it is a mad rush Saturday.

Last Saturday, I also had an appointment for a facial. Now, I never normally book appointments for relaxing things on a Saturday -it just beats the purpose. This time, I had no option. Husband, when I was in India, had bought me some spa vouchers in Groupon. They were wonderful treatments -but in some far away locations, which husband being husband, had not noticed at that time. So he offered to drive me there. The appointment was at 1, which meant that we needed military precision to get there, after daughter’s swimming lessons.

We somehow managed to reach the place, at 1:06(I did call and let her know that we were running late), and I did not feel too bad because she had called and cancelled my appointment at the last minute twice already. And I was thankful that husband drove me there – because we were not able to find a parking, which meant that he had to go around the little village searching for one. As for the facial – it was totally worth all the hassle.I should go in for such treatments more often! I was hoping for my migraine to disappear miraculously, but that might have been hoping for too much.

So after the facial and massage, all I wanted was to go to sleep – and that almost never happens  – I cannot sleep during the day, unless I am really ill, so husband drove us back home, although he wanted to step out. So we came to a compromise that we would go out for dinner, if my headache went away.

Luckily, headache decided to cooperate, and we planned to meet some friends at a restaurant at the city centre. We wanted to go to another branch of it, but it was booked until 10:00 pm. So we checked out the one in the city centre, and were told to just come down -no bookings needed. Now, just to give a background to our city centre visits – we both don’t like to drive there. Parking is a nightmare. Normally I go to the city centre by bus – because it is just so much easier. Or we take a cab.

So we reach the City centre pretty quick  – reach the restaurant, to find no parking anywhere close by. So we decided to go to the nearest, closed parking lot, which was a 5 minute walk or so. As I said, the city centre is full of one ways, and ‘no left turns’ and ‘no right turns’. Every time we needed to turn left, there would be ‘no left turn’, or if we had to turn right, it would be a ‘no right turn’ road! Just as we thought we would be able to get to the parking we came across a ‘road ahead closed’, and  ‘diverted traffic’ road signs. Following the diverted traffic signs, we ended up outside the city centre, and had to make our way back to the restaurant. And we almost did a full circle, and landed up in a weird alley, which we had never seen, and we were the only car on the road. As we were getting out of that place(following the GPS for direction), the GPS froze. It just stopped functioning. That was all that we needed at that point! The only solution that both of us could think of was ‘reboot’ it. The only problem being, the GPS is integrated with the car, so the only way to reboot would be to park somewhere and shut down the engine and then restart. So off we went in search of a place to park, while I tried to get our locations using my phone.

It was already over 30 minutes that we had been circling the city centre. Our friends who were supposed to meet us, called us then. They had reached the restaurant, only to be told that there was  waiting of a hour! That was the last straw. We decided to get out of this place and go to a restaurant somewhere else. Being Saturday night, almost all the places were full. We finally managed to find a place at a decent restaurant quite in the suburbs. We did not care. all we knew was that we wanted to get out of the city centre and eat something quickly!

Alls well that ends well, they say. We did manage to have a good dinner, fun conversation, and a relaxed time.. The one thing we know for sure now is that neither of us will plan a dinner at the city centre on a weekend, ever again!

Sunday was a relaxed day, the only highlight being, Hugo. We had been planning to watch it for ages, and had not managed to make it to the movie until yesterday. And were we glad that we did! I’m going to do a short review – just because I enjoyed it so so so much 🙂

Hugo Cabret is a 12 yr old boy who lives in a Paris Railway station. He used to live with his father, a clock maker. Hugo and his dad were trying to fix an old automaton that writes. Hugo’s father had found it in the attic of the museum he worked at. One day, Hugo’s dad dies in a fire at the museum, and Hugo finds himself at the mercy of his drunk Uncle Claude, who takes him to the railway station, and teaches him to maintain the clocks at the station. His uncle then disappeared, and he has no hope of him returning. Hugo keeps the clocks running, in the hope that no body would come searching the his Uncle Claude’s apartments as far as the clocks run on time. All the while he keeps trying to fix the automaton in the belief that the automaton will bring a message from the  He lives on stolen foodstuff, evading the cruel station master, who catches orphans and hands them over to the orphanage like his life depended on it. One day he tries to steal a clock work mouse from George Melies’s toy shop and gets caught.

What happens next? You have to watch the rest of the movie to know what happens next. It is a wonderful, touching and poignant story of the young boy, George Melies, and of the power of dreams.. All the characters are beautifully drawn out, and wonderfully portrayed.  We all loved it – even daughter. The picturization was breathtaking! The views of Paris, the whole feel of the movie.. It made us want to visit Paris again. It was one of the best movies I’ve watched in a while. I just read that it is based on a book, and I am now going to get hold of it as well.

All in all, it was a perfect ending to a weekend! So how was yours?

Quirks that haunt..

R’s Mom talks about ‘managing to lock and unlock the main door a million and one times‘ when RD is away. Well, here’s a confession, I do it too. *more than a little shamefaced* And what’s more, I do even more crazy things like that.

For some reason, I can’t be entirely sure that everything has been locked safely.  I am the one locking things normally – whether husband is around or not. For instance when we go out, Husband takes daughter and gets her into the car, while I lock up. And every single time, as soon as I get into the car, he asks me if I have locked the house – and I can never say it with confidence that I have! I would have to run back out to check(husband despairs every time I do this)! Every single time! Just for the record – the house is always locked!

Or locking the house, and then a doubt creeps in – did I really switch off everything? Do I have any option but to go back in – and in the process have to yank off my boots to get inside and check on everything.

Sometimes I have other more dangerous worries. One time I wasn’t sure if I had taken the plug off after using my hair straightener, and we had to go back to confirm. Again for the record – it was unplugged.

Night time checking is by far the worst. I normally do check before going up to bed. But sometimes, every night, just before I doze off, I have these massive doubts. Have I switched off the oven? Have I switched off the gas? Have I locked the door. Sometimes I go down, check and come back. Only for a fresh doubt to grow in my mind. And off I go again – checking and re-checking. Sigh! If only I could get this under control.. Sometimes, I end up going to bed about half an hour later than planned, because of all my doubts. One time I sat up in bed, horrified, smelling something burning. It was only after checking the whole house, that I realized that I must have been dreaming!

While most of the time, my worries have been unfounded, there have been a couple of times when I actually left something on. I forgot to switch off the oven once. I was baking some koftas for dinner. I was back within 20 minutes, but it was still too late to save my koftas 😦 All I could do was be thankful that the house did not burn down! And once, I did leave something boiling on the stove – when I rushed out to school in a hurry. That time, there was plenty of water in the bowl, so it was safe, but both these times, I was shaken. That might be why I am so paranoid now.

My affliction increases a wee bit when husband is not around. And now I have come to understand that the only way around this is to have checklists and to check off all my worry points as soon as I have checked it, and, this is very important  – sign it off with a time-stamp. That seems the only way I can avoid checking again, again and again 🙂 May be one day, some one will come up with a mobile app, that does just that 🙂

So tell me, am I the only crazy one? Or do any of you do these as well?

Random Nothings.. Post 5

You know what I missed most when I took a blogging break. It was the inability to jot down random stuff that happens to or around me. For some reason, I could not just start a post and hit publish.

And now with the NaBloPoMo, it is a pleasure to write everyday, and just because I do, it somehow seems easier to blog. I had never thought that I could blog on schedule. Well, I still don’t but I seem to be able to do it on a daily basis at the very least. Which to me, is good enough. The only thing I wish I could do was reply to all the comments, and read everybody else’s posts – that would have been perfect!

I went shopping this morning, and everywhere I turned I saw people dressed totally weird. I mean, there were goths, girls with hot pink eyeliner, my eyes hurt just looking at them. It felt like some kind of fancy dress parade was on. Shops full of beachwear in bright colours! Summer/Spring just brings out the excitement in the air. I get the feeling that it makes people enthusiastic and adventurous in general… Or maybe it is just me 🙂

There were men standing outside the entrance of shops or just inside the entrance, holding on to buggies, looking bored, and then out comes the wife/partner, ‘Love, which of these looks better’. ‘Both love, both, just choose, and lets get going’. That is so what happens when I go shopping for clothes with husband 🙂 I am sure husband would have wholeheartedly sympathized with these men 🙂

I think I did far more looking around and window shopping than actual shopping. Not that I am complaining. I only wished I had a camera on me to click some pics. There were some amazing flowers in bloom and shops with ‘Sale – 70% off’  looked just as good. It is another thing that all the items in the 70% off section have only sizes like 6 and 18 😦

One thing that really upset me was, when I was waiting for the bus. An Indian( or should I say, someone from the Indian Sub-continent), spat while walking by and the spit landed a cm away from an elderly British gentleman. I was so appalled. How can people do stuff like this? Spitting and that too almost on somebody. It was gross. The gentleman just moved away. I couldnot see the look on his face, but I was so so embarrassed that somebody who could be classified in the same ethnic group as us behaved so badly.. I have so much to say on this but I guess that is fodder for another post.

So how is everybody enjoying your weekend? We have a birthday party every weekend. Sigh!  Did I tell you that I am so tired of socializing that I feel like locking myself in a cave?

The Need for Speed.

Some people (like husband in particular), need the speed.

Speed as in while driving. He comes in the category of people who believe that speed limits are minimum speed limits. He considers it an outrage if he were to drive below the mentioned speed limit. There are times when he likes to stretch the limit, a little too much for my liking, I must say.

I, on the other hand, am perfectly fine with driving within the speed limits. You see, my driving instructor was very particular about stressing that the speed limits are actually, maximum speed limits, unlike what husband believes 😉 I am perfectly happy following that old couple who does not notice that the lights have changed to green, or who prefer driving at 20 mph on a 30 mph road.

So when we are together in a car, more likely than not, one of us is unhappy about the speed the other drives at. Once I tried taking a picture when he was at 100 mph, only to capture it at slightly lesser than 100 mph. Husband was most disappointed. So the next time, he accelerated to 120, expecting me to click another one, recording his ‘records’. High hopes, indeed. At those speeds, all I can do is close my eyes and pray that he slows down. He has programmed the car to give ‘speed warnings’ whenever he crosses 100mph. That horrible beep does not help me either. It just makes me press those imaginary brakes on my side of the car – hard.

And here is the photograph that  I did not take at the right time.

Then of course, there are those drivers, who like to travel an inch behind you. Who have never heard of the concept of safe stopping distance or the 2 second rule. Last weekend, we saw one such driver in action. It was a single lane road, and there was a car, doing 60, on a 60 mph road. The car behind was so close, that it was almost on him. The car that was ahead, moved to the left, hoping that the car behind, overtakes him, but for some reason, the second driver had no intention of overtaking either. It just continued to drive at an inch away from the first car! That makes no sense to me. I would hate to have a car nudging me all through. If some one is in such a hurry, why can’t they over take when they get a chance, instead of driving that close? That could be so dangerous.

How are you with speed limits and driving? Do you feel the need for speed?