Wordless Wednesday – 17

Edited to add : It is ice on the conservatory walls. Completely natural 🙂 I think moisture solidified into ice because the conservatory heating was turned off. It is wonderful isn’t it, that it formed snowflake patterns? Especially because it did not snow on the night that they formed!

Wordless Wednesday – 14

Actually, a not-so-wordless Wednesday. A guessing Wednesday, to be more accurate.

There is something odd about this banana tree. Can you figure out what?

Take a closer look..

Edited to Add : Sandhya, PNA, Sags and Dreamer got it totally right – You guys are experts 🙂 Normally the bananas form after the last leaf has come out – right from the centre. In this case, it seems to have branched out. A mutant banana tree 🙂

My mom and dad spotted and clicked this. and sent it across to me to see if I could figure it out – but I was clueless 😦