I must have been crazy…

Absolutely. Completely. Crazy. To join the blog marathon this month. I should have known better. It’s bound to be a crazy, busy, fun month, and to add to it all, I’ve also gone and piled on a blog marathon on top of my overloaded plate.

But what’s life without a few challenges, especially when you have so many of your friends with you in the marathon madness. The only thing I regret is that I just don’t seem to get any time to reply to the comments or read your posts. These last few days, I don’t even get the time to log into my reader. But I’ll get there, eventually.

Talking of challenges, the one challenge that I did take up was Smita’s review challenge, and I have to say, I just loved it. I’m quite sure that I bored a lot of you with my reviews, but I’m quite keen on doing it again. I managed to review 52 books last year, making it an average one a week. I wonder how ambitious I should get this year. At the very least, let me try to match last year’s record? I already have a back log of some wonderful books that I so want to review. I try not to take challenges to up the number of books I read, because somehow, I feel it would take away from the joy, I get from reading. That reminds me that I’ve not even updated my ‘My Nose has been buried in these..’ page. And its already time for a brand new page.

In other, totally unrelated news, husband is here, and we are enjoying living in the home, we had dreamt of for the last 8+ years, savouring every moment, capturing memories, just in case we do have to return back to the UK. As we were discussing, there is something about Bangalore that feels like home, even after years of being away… Fingers crossed that this year, we would all be together, soon, wherever that might be.

So what are your new year resolutions? Any new challenges this year?

You could figure out why

I haven’t been blogging if you saw my drafts. Everytime I struggle with a ‘bloggers block’, I have umpteen unfinished posts, hanging around, torturing me.

They have started coming in my dreams, or should I say nightmares 🙂 And they are just as scary as the gale force winds that are driving me crazy here.

How did I forget the unread posts in my reader? I so need to start blogging again. Husband says that every time I stop – I drive him nuts, and that should be reason enough to start again, don’t you think 🙂