I’d forgotten..

….how wonderful it is to get totally wet in the rain.

Today, on the way back from the nursery, the skies opened up suddenly and we were drenched from top to toe. We had raincoats, knowing the unpredictable UK weather – but it was of no use. Just 5 mins of heavy heavy rain and we were drenched through 🙂 And both of us loved it!

For me it had been a while since I got wet like this, for Poohi, it was literally the first time. She is normally safely inside the buggy, but since the time I hid away the buggy – this is the first time, we got caught in the rain. It was so much fun, to let her jump in the puddles and and whoops of joy as her clothes got wetter 🙂 Just 5 mins but it was one awesome 5 mins! For a while, we could see the rains go away, as in there was no rain where we were, but we could see the heavy rains a little ahead of us. That was one wonderful sight. I remember somebody telling me how their front yard gets rain while the back yard doesn’t – this felt just like that.

We took 45 mins to walk back that 0.75 miles, but it was totally worth it 🙂 And getting wet in the rain was not the only thing, we also managed to spot around 20 snails. And the fact that it was a warm day made all the difference.

If only I had known, I would have carried some shampoo 😉

‘aunties ke big babes’

…. is what someone searched to land at my blog! I had no plans of posting today.. Has been a couple of crazy crazy days – I have not even responded to the comments , loads of unread posts in my reader, but I just could not resist when I saw this search term 🙂

Hitchwriter had invited all his readers to take up this tag about what people search for, and end up reaching our blogs 🙂 Here are some of the bizarre ones that people have been searching for to reach mine!

1. aunties ke big babes  -what was he thinking when he/she thinking when he searched for this? And whatever made google land him here?

2. monstermind ????

3. husband wish list – Any takers – who has been searching for that 🙂

4. introduction about act of rape in india – There have been loads of searches with the keyword of ‘rape’ – but this was extra weird!

5. daughter green hair – So there are more daughters in the world wanting green hair  🙂 Maybe, somebody”s teenage daughter wants to colour her hair green and wants to see if she has company 🙂

6. how to write excuses for 1. skip school(loads)

2. avoid school uk(loads)

3. avoid friend’s trip(just one person 🙂 )

4. to go on trip

and some of these people looking to write excuses – also do not happen know how to spell ‘excuse’ 🙂 But google still manages to land them here 🙂

7. Lots of people looking for Sushmita Sen and one looking for ‘nigella lawson+rhinoplasty’

8. and of course how can I forget – people looking for Dhiren Bhai 🙂 There was just one hit for it before Dhiren wrote his post – had a bunch after that – so I suspect some of our blogsamajites have been trying to verify the claim that searching for Dhiren Bhai could land you here 🙂