Delighted to be Back !

I’ve been missing our wonderful blog samaaj absolutely loads! But had to stay away – if I wanted things done:(

Anyways, it has been a fruitful week, real life wise:) , if not blog world wise, for me. Managed to get some things back on track, managed to spend a lot more  time painting and dancing with daughter and most importantly made some head way into studying as well. So much so, that I have started enjoying taking tests 🙂

I also ended up out of the blog world for the Friendship day and Indyeah’s Birhday 😦 So happy friendship day to all of you and a belated Happy Birthday to Abhi! Hope you all had a wonderful time!

Ashwathy had asked me, in a comment, in my previous post, if I plan to come back all fit and toned- that unfortunately, is still not happening – I doubt if blog breaks can help in that, sadly 🙂

Anyways, I have loads to read, and just then, my wireless connection is acting up:( It hangs every five minutes! So if I take ages to reach your posts, and if my comments and this post has loads of errors – please look the other way – my only aim is to submit before the connection hangs again!

See you around!

AND yes, I still have not got around to replying to all the comments in the previous posts – will  get around to it – eventually 🙂