Freebie love

I hadn’t realized how many freebies I had collected over the last few years.

One of the stores here, has offers on and off, giving away tiny samples of their products if we spend more than a certain amount on some of their products. And sucker for such stuff, that I am, I totally totally fall for them. Every single time, I end up buying stuff just to get those goody bags. To be honest, I do use stuff from this store, so I justify it by saying that I just end up buying things I will use, with a bonus gift to go with it.  I was tidying up my stuff, when I realized how much I have been hoarding. Stuff that I never touch. Eye-make-up, lipliners, what was I thinking? And this is after giving away loads. I remember a blue eye-liner, that I gave away to someone who loved it 🙂 She thought I was crazy to not use it. Some of the stuff I really like – like hand creams, and even some nail paint. A shade that I would have never bought, but tried it because it came free, and loved it! That still did not get me to go and buy that shade again, because it was such an outrageous pink, but that is another story!

Here is my loot, what is left of it. I haven’t picked up a ‘free gift’ in some time. Time to go shopping, don’t you think? Have to replenish stock, don’t I?

When I think about it, what draws me to freebies is not just the contents, but the whole process of it, you know. The gift packs come in a box, or in a little purse or bag. There is something magical about opening a present, an unknown, you know. Yes, it is not totally unknown, but I still love it! Each sample, that is in there, somehow makes me happy – in way things that I buy never do. Is the fact that it is free? I guess, and the whole packaging of it, like a gift, I think that certainly makes me very happy.

I just realized that I have passed on my genes ,those genes that lust for freebies, to daughter. The other day, she wanted ot go to that restaurant, where children get toys( some of her friends had been to MacDonalds – we plan to steer clear of it as long as we can). Apparently she does not want to restaurants where they only give paper and colouring pens – too boring. That free toy, no matter how useless it is, still carries that ‘fun’ element of an unknown gift, I suppose!

While I know that there is no free lunch, that is certainly not stopping me from getting free stuff when I can!