Cherished forever…

Rash and Pixie had tagged me sometime back to list down some precious and unforgettable memories… Here are some of my memories that I hope I never forget  – even if I get afflicted by Alzheimer’s 🙂

1. I always woke up to my father chanting shlokas in the morning.. He is a very spiritual person and he chants a few select hymns and I always remember waking up to it.. He has never asked any of us to do it and I never bothered to , to be honest.. It is so ingrained in my memory that every time I hear those hymns – I feel very peaceful . Recently I was stunned to realise that I actually know the words – without ever consciously trying to… Somehow, it makes me feel very peaceful. It is probably one of my oldest and most prevailing memory..

2. The other memory that I have is of my brother being born.. I was six then. My grandma was with me at home and my uncle came with the news that I have a new baby brother – and for some reason   I was so so sure that I would have a sister – I remember being disappointed. My brother was in the nursery when I first saw him and I was with my cousin sister and both of us had put our hands into his crib and for some reason, he grabbed my finger and that made me feel so so good – it was as if he just chose me as his sister 🙂 As if he instinctively knew 🙂

3. My mother rushing around doing stuff and father teasing her that perfectionist that she is, she will never get satisfied that the house is ever clean or tidy 🙂

4. I think I enjoyed my school life the most. We were a class of 30 and we were unbelievably united 🙂 We liked(and still do) to believe that we were absolute geniuses 🙂 and we did have one of the best ICSE results in our batch 🙂 Anyways, though we were brilliant  – we were also quite difficult.. We actually boycotted a class – because the new biology teacher tried to imply that our previous teacher(who we absolutely adored) was not very good. We drove our class teacher a little crazy – but he still admits that he is yet to come across a class like ours 🙂 I miss those friends of mine.. We were so similar, with so many dreams.. and now, when we do manage to talk – we end up talking for hours despite being out of touch for over 16 years…

5. My maternal grandfather used to be my biggest champion. He was fabulous! He had an English childhood and he used to tell me stories and stories.. To me they used to sound just like something out of an Enid Blyton book! He had his schooling in a boarding school and I remember being cray about Malory Towers and wishing that my parents would send me too 🙂 He also gave me a rude shock by telling me what sardines are! I had imagined something far more exotic 🙂 My parents used to mail him everything  I wrote and he used to write such lovely, lovely letters analysing everything and encouraging me.. I miss him so!

6. The parathas my mom used to make for breakfast when I was young.. For some reason, it still is comfort food for me and I make them whenever I want to feel good 🙂 Though never at breakfast time 🙂

7. My dad surprising mom at their anniversary! He would rope us in to hide the gift and surprise her with it when she was least expecting it ! It felt so good!

8. My husband is not a very romantic sort of person, he managed to sweep me off my feet when we got married and he showed me that he had printed out and collated every email that I had sent him 🙂 That was the sweetest thing for me!

9. In 2001, husband and I had gone on a Karnataka State Tourism board tour. It was fabulous! We had just not expected it to be so good.. It was very normal acco and stuff but we really really had a great time.. It was probably one of the best times ever..

10. When we were newlyweds in Bangalore.. we ended up staying in a really dingy house as we were quite broke then 🙂 The house might have been small and dingy – but we had a lovely time there.. We used to have friends over, cook together.. it was a wonderful time.. I have the fondest memories of living there….

So there! Those were some of the memories I cherish..

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