Fiery Curry

Well, we’ve all heard of jokes of how ‘spicy and hot’ curry have wrecked havoc with the delicate palates of people not used to the ‘heat’ of the dish, here is one curry powder which diverted the course of a flight.

Apparently, a bag of curry powder triggered the fire alarm of the plane! Talk about curry power 🙂

These sort of false alarms do have precedents, apparently,

In 2004, a Mumbai-London Air India flight was diverted and made an emergency landing near Bucharest after an alarm went off in its cockpit. As no fire or smoke was detected on inspection, the ground officials surmised it must be the strong smelling consignment of mangoes in the cargo hold that triggered the alert. The mango boxes were removed and the aircraft had an uneventful journey to London. There have been a number of other instances of smoke alarms in Boeing 777s going off due to fruit cargo.

Air safety experts say that these false alarms are apparently triggered off by consignments of fruits like durians, mangoes which cause unusual humidity and temperature conditions in cargo holds.

This certainly reminds me of the time when some of my British colleagues decided to experiment with mixing Vindaloo with Tabasco. Their course , for the next few days was also considerably altered 🙂