Be careful what you wish for.. they say, and with good reason too, as I discovered today.

Yesterday was a mad rush. I had loads to do before going off on our holiday, and with almost everything left to be done, I could help wishing that I had more time. Turns out, I did. Guess what happened?

Our flight got canceled and we got rebooked on a flight for Sunday instead of Saturday- which was when we were supposed to leave. What made it even worse was that we got no notification of it. I just happened to log in to do an online check-in, when I discovered that the date of departure was 2 days away!

I certainly have a lot more time to pack and get organized now. And we have just 4 days of holiday, unless we manage to change our return dates – fingers crossed. 4 days just does not feel enough! One more day would make it so much better 🙂 In the meanwhile, we spend our time with the phone glued to our ears, in an effort to get through to the airlines.

In other news, Santa visited our home today, because we were supposed to leave tomorrow, on Christmas day. Someone, thankfully, is very happy with Santa’s gifts 🙂

I just finished reading and re-reading ‘Daughter of Shame’ by Jasvinder Sanghera. Remind me to post a review, because it is one book which needs to talked about. But probably not during the festive season.

So, all going well, we should be away till next year.

Wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Have a wonderful holiday season! See you in 2011!