Howling winds, rain pelting…

…. furiously against my windows, doors rattling with every gust of wind, the whole house feels shaken – I could almost be in a tree house, or some other such flimsy place going by the sounds that surround me right now! In fact if I close my eyes, I could be somewhere else in a jiffy! Some stormy place – perfect setting for a horror movie, actually!

These have become rather regular in the last few days. Huge gales seem to be toppling trees, upturning garbage bins(which by the way, is not a pretty scene), taking off with our hats, slamming the car door shut. (I have this secret fear of opening the boot when it gets this windy -what if it falls on my neck! *shudder*) Umbrellas are no defense against rains in weather like this, when it can uproot trees, what hope do umbrellas have? (that reminds me, I also have a fear of a tree falling on my head!)  All you really want to do is curl up with a book and a cuppa and not ever think about stepping out!

This evening I checked the weather. We had been having quite good weather, by December-January standards, that is. Christmas was the warmest Christmas, we have experienced in this country. No sign of snow, temperatures as high as 12 deg! Unheard of, during the winter months! So, as I was saying, the weather forecast says, ‘6 deg, feels like 1 deg’! That sounds about right! All the good weather that we had been having when the holidays were around, seems to have disappeared as soon as school time came. The day school reopened, we started having this wonderful howling wind and the heavy rains! Why, oh why, is the weather so mean! As if it were not difficult enough to walk in the cold, it had to add gales and rain into the mix! And every day since then, the speed of the wind just seems to increase!

Can we please just have the regular old snow please????

The only positive that happened was that husband delayed his travel – by one day, because of the weather. Just one day – but as they say, every little helps, and even the blackest cloud(and the strongest wind) can have a silver lining 🙂

Snow-clad splendour

Last night was supposed to be the coldest night in the UK. Some parts of UK were expected to be as cold as -20 degrees – almost as cold as the South Pole. They are calling it the ‘white-out’ of Britain. Pics of UK from the sky looks all white. Snow does make everything look much prettier.

Never having experienced snow before, I was all excited about it during the move to London, only to know that it hardly snows in London. True to the word, it hardly snowed all the time we were there. A maximum of one or two days of snow which disappeared soon enough too. Snow remained that romantic, exciting event (thanks to the movies, I guess) which never really happened to me.

It all changed when we moved here to Leeds. Snow was proper heavy snow here. Last year we had some decent amount of snow. This year, however, I think, all my craving for snow, has been satisfied. It has snowed like never before.  It snowed 2 days before we left for our vacation and it was fascinating to watch. Huge, giant snowflakes coming down and covering everything. I spent ages looking out at the snow, instead of packing. Thankfully it stopped the day we were travelling or we  might have never gone on holiday.

We came back to gloriously sunny Britain after 10 days and a small part of me was disappointed by the fact that the snow seemed to have gone for good. But not for long, we drove into heavy snow on the way, which thankfully lasted only around 20 minutes. To make up for the snow we missed during the Christmas week,  last one week, it has snowed and snowed and snowed. I had the fortune/misfortune of getting to trek 3 miles in snow – which was rather fun, quite unexpectedly. Making snowmen in the garden and having fun snow fights 🙂 Of course, not everybody is happy with the snow. Daughter is heart-broken that her school is closed due to snow. Even making snowmen, does not entirely compensate for not being able to go to school. Cars lie abandoned all over the place. We came across a car abandoned right in the middle of a small roundabout. Scraping the snow off the car everyday is one painful thing as we have recently learnt.

As they say, difficult times bring out the best or worst in people. We hear of heroic stories about people going out of their way to help others in difficulty, we also hear of clever thieves who used the opportunity to take off with cars which the owners had left unattended with the engines running for defrosting. Guess it takes all kinds!

Leaving you with a few pics from around here – all cold and frosty!

The streets and the sidewalks all merged into one.

It almost looks like a black and white pic, doesn’t it?

The solitary bench all piled up with snow.

And it gets whiter as the snow fall increases.

On the way back from school – all disappointed at having to go home earlier than usual.

Making snowmen in the garden, kind of, made up for no school.

So how has the weather been at your end? Hope you all are having a less white winter.