You know summer hols are nearly over

– Neighbours houses suddenly come alive with activity.

– All the cars in the house are back on the driveway.

-the so far pleasantly uncrowded parks are bustling with children with too much energy

– you come across mums showing off their new tans proudly while taking their children and dogs for a walk

– you come across Grandmas back on baby sitting duty until term time commences (and you can make out that they are counting days;) )

– Back to school deals are on , in every possible store.

– the saddest part – knit wear is back on shelves! Believe me – the sight of knit wear back on shelves makes me cry. Summer is nearly over and winter is nearly here!

Summer oh summer,

You gave us just a glimmer,

you flirted,

and skirted,

around windy days

and rain drenched ways,

we longed for you when you were here

and will now pine away till the next summer is here.

Summer(sunny days), do you think you will be sweet enough to grace us with your presence, in the very last long weekend of the year? Or do you want songs to convince you, in  Swaram and Deeps style?