Parking Woes

The only thing I positively hate about driving is finding parking spaces. Over time I have perfected the art of finding suitable places to park wherever I go. I know the nearest non-paid parking to all the places I frequent.

I even ‘google’ to figure out if a place has parking or not. I have even figured the best time to go grocery shopping, because believe it or not some of times it looks like the whole of Leeds has landed at my favourite supermarket! It has plenty of parking, and even that is completely full at times. It has loads of parent and child parking too, but we never ever get one of those. One time, one lady almost came to blows with an old man because she could not see a child in their car, and they had pulled into the ‘parent and child’ bay. Only to retreat shamefacedly when  thy showed her their tiny grandchild inside the car 🙂  Why on earth do people need to buy so much stuff? It reminds me of my friend who is always lamenting how people keep buying stuff they don’t need and how very soon the whole earth will be covered with ‘stuff’ – but that is something for another post 🙂

As I was saying, I try not to go spontaneously without meticulous planning. I hate going round and round in the car park, stalking people walking with loaded shopping trolleys in the hope that I will be able to follow them to their cars and wait for them to pull out, in order to get a parking. Yes, I have been forced to become a stalker in order to get parking. Of course, stalking works best when you have another person( a grown up, not a child), with you. When husband and I work together, it works beautifully. I concentrate on finding people who look like they are on their way out, and husband follows my instructions and drives around. Believe me, even massive malls with loads of parking are totally full on some days. Especially on wet weekends when the whole country has no option but to head to a mall or when Christmas is around the corner 😉

Another no-no, that I have added just recently, is – ‘Never go grocery shopping during term breaks’. Just the other day, I ended up at the supermarket, with Poohi at the beginning of her term break. Turns out that plenty of other mums had the same idea. Not a single parking available. Pooohi stared getting all worried with this driving around.

Poohi, ‘Amme, Why are you not parking?’

Me, ‘Can’t find a place to park, darling.’

Poohi,’ But you can park between these two cars’

Me,’ How do you expect me to shrink the car into a space where your even bike would not fit?’

Poohi,’ Silly me’ *giggles* and then shouts, ‘Lots of space here, lots of space here’

Me,trying to not get all exasperated,’ That, my dear, was the road!’

Poohi, ‘ oh oh’

And so it continued, until I finally found a place, after going round and round that car park for what seemed like ages, with nonstop commentary from the back seat driver, only to enter a supermarket full of mothers trying to pull away children from Halloween displays and Halloween costumes. That, is fodder for another post though.


The Need for Speed.

Some people (like husband in particular), need the speed.

Speed as in while driving. He comes in the category of people who believe that speed limits are minimum speed limits. He considers it an outrage if he were to drive below the mentioned speed limit. There are times when he likes to stretch the limit, a little too much for my liking, I must say.

I, on the other hand, am perfectly fine with driving within the speed limits. You see, my driving instructor was very particular about stressing that the speed limits are actually, maximum speed limits, unlike what husband believes 😉 I am perfectly happy following that old couple who does not notice that the lights have changed to green, or who prefer driving at 20 mph on a 30 mph road.

So when we are together in a car, more likely than not, one of us is unhappy about the speed the other drives at. Once I tried taking a picture when he was at 100 mph, only to capture it at slightly lesser than 100 mph. Husband was most disappointed. So the next time, he accelerated to 120, expecting me to click another one, recording his ‘records’. High hopes, indeed. At those speeds, all I can do is close my eyes and pray that he slows down. He has programmed the car to give ‘speed warnings’ whenever he crosses 100mph. That horrible beep does not help me either. It just makes me press those imaginary brakes on my side of the car – hard.

And here is the photograph that  I did not take at the right time.

Then of course, there are those drivers, who like to travel an inch behind you. Who have never heard of the concept of safe stopping distance or the 2 second rule. Last weekend, we saw one such driver in action. It was a single lane road, and there was a car, doing 60, on a 60 mph road. The car behind was so close, that it was almost on him. The car that was ahead, moved to the left, hoping that the car behind, overtakes him, but for some reason, the second driver had no intention of overtaking either. It just continued to drive at an inch away from the first car! That makes no sense to me. I would hate to have a car nudging me all through. If some one is in such a hurry, why can’t they over take when they get a chance, instead of driving that close? That could be so dangerous.

How are you with speed limits and driving? Do you feel the need for speed?

Celebrating summer..

Or the few days of sunshine that we get in the name of summer 🙂

We check the weather the first thing every weekend. Checking the night before is no good, it sometimes changes even within that span 😦

If it is sunny, we set off, and get to see others enjoying the weather like this 🙂 See the clear blue skies? Such a treat to see that.


Only to realise that a lot of others have the same idea.  So we sit in a traffic jam , crawling, coering 4 miles in 45 minutes. There was also an office space sort  situation, with the traffic, video below for more information 🙂 After a point, we decided to relax and enjoy the weather.


Or drive through country roads where the speed limit is 60 mph, but we could never dream of driving at that 😦


Driving through country roads that looked( see that puddle in the side of the road?) and smelt (of cowdung) like Indian roads 🙂


Driving aimlessly through the yorkshire dales and ending up in a quaint little town, with a square like this..


And a church like this…


And wrapping up the trip outside with some park side fun 🙂


And it’s all going to come to an end soon :(I am going to miss these summer days so much!

PS: Have not yet reached the comments on the previous posts – had a busy weekend. Will get there  – I promise. (Disclaimer especially for Hitchy’s notice 😉