Domestic Disaster – Cherry Clafoutis

If I were to write about all my domestic disasters, it would fill a book. Seriously.

I must be one of the most disaster prone person when it comes to cooking. The other day, I made some thing called Achari Biryani. The less said the better about it. Husband and I had to eat because we had nothing else to eat.
People like me, certainly, should not be left loose in the kitchen!

I’d been planning to try baking a cherry clafoutis in Sangeeta’s blog. It looked so delicious, that I saved up some cherries from my last box of cherries. I had planned to bake it over the weekend when husband was here, but after the biryani fiasco, I decided to give my kitchen a break.

This morning, I decided that I just had to give it a try. So I opened up Sangeeta’s recipe and realised with a sinking heart that it needed Sago flour. Now, to get hold of that, I would have to go all the way to an Indian store in Birmingham. Not happening. So I googled around and found another, rather simple recipe. I halved the recipe further because it was just daughter and me today, and she hardly eats. So basically it would be just me putting it all away.

So off I went, prepared the cherries. I didn’t have kirsch, so used a little vanilla essence.

I went about the rest of the recipe and started pouring it in, when I realized that I had forgotten to mix in the beurre noisette. So I had to tip out the whole batter back into the mixing bowl and mix it up again with the beurre noisette.
Oh yes, the pan, I had prepared already was too small for the batter, so I had to quickly prepare a small bowl.

Finally, everything was sorted, Daughter’s dinner was sorted, while the clafoutis baked in the oven. Perfect. It would come out just in time for dessert. I checked on it after 30-35 mins as mentioned on the recipe, and was surprised to see that the middle was still completely liquid. I let it bake some more. Checked again after 10 mins, no change. That was weird! That was when it struck me. While I halved all the ingredients, somehow I had forgotten to halve the milk and the cream. No wonder it was all liquid!

I let it stay in the oven for some more time and then took it out. It would burn I left it in there any longer. Daughter couldn’t have it for her dessert, it was bedtime for her already. I tried it, the taste wasn’t bad all. It was like a baked custard with cherries in it. Quite tasty, actually, but certainly not the clafoutis I was aiming at:(

And if you are wondering how it looked, here you go!


If you fancy a taste, drop by, there’s plenty to go around:)