You know those weekends where you whiz through stuff and Monday leaves you gasping for breath? Well, we had one of those.

Monday is a holiday for daughter as it is a training day, and both of us just wanted to laze around, doing nothing. We did that and some more. We went to the City Centre and shopped(not as much as I wanted to), and ate (pigged out – way more than I wanted to). We had planned to go to the City museum. It used to be our regular haunt a couple of years ago. We hadn’t been there in a while, and thought it would be fun to revisit the places we loved once before we bid adieu to the city that has become home for us, for the last 4 years. Unfortunately, for us, it was closed. I hadn’t bothered checking the opening timings before we started.

Now we that we wasted the day effectively, I spent the rest of the time on FB and daughter did Mental Maths for ‘fun’! We had picked up a book today and daughter enjoyed the first ‘test’ so much that she sat and did 12 tests in a sitting. No, I am not complaining at all 🙂 Am just happy I don’t have to fight with her to do work. Although how long this phase will last is something I am not too optimistic about. Did I mention that we’ve been having marathon sessions of Monopoly in which she has been beating me hollow 😦 Yes, I don’t play like a mercenary, the way I play with husband 🙂 We’ve had so much fun with Monopoly that I’ve decided to take it in my luggage back to India, rather than shipping it. I’m sure I’ll need it to keep her occupied. And after today, I’m stocking up on mental maths workbooks as well 🙂

I had plans to pack and plan my packing, but nothing concrete seems to be happening. Although I have to say, I have done considerable research on all the makes of refrigerators and dishwashers in India. And scoured pictures of Model homes that we had hoarded up, all those years ago when we dreamt of moving into our own house. All those had been kept aside when we realized that we weren’t going back anytime soon. Now of course, it is back to those days, when I spent hours staring at my floor plan trying to figure out where I could do what. Daughter and I have been pouring over colour schemes and room decor. She, of course, has already planned out her room 🙂 After years of living in rental homes, I can’t wait, and neither can she. Husband, unfortunately has to wait a bit more before he can join us, and he is already feeling bad. Fingers crossed, it shouldn’t be too long.

As I said, I just can’t wait to be back in Bangalore! Every passing day brings more excitement now 🙂 Wish me luck, and do drop me all the info you can – tips for getting the furniture, appliances and the like. I’m going to be setting up home from scratch and totally excited about it 🙂