The 3 Cs

Cleaning, Clearing, Cooking

It would be no exageration to say that the last few days have been crazy for me. I have been cleaning, clearing, cooking, hosting a party, and cleaning, clearing all over again.I do have loads of left overs to not have to worry about cooking though 🙂

It was daughter’s birthday last week, and I decided to do a small get-together, with our close friends, at home. And also ambitiously decided to cook. Of course, better sense prevailed, Or rather husband prevailed. He refused to even let me think about it. He knows me. So I settled on cooking a few things and ordering the rest – just to make me feel less guilty about not cooking entirely. You see, I have some friends who cook for massive parties, and I feel so inadequate. Husband, of course, believes that we should outsource everything that is not our core competency, and we should enjoy the day rather than go crazy cooking. Which I agree with, most of the time.

Thank goodness, he drilled some sense into me. Even with the little that I had to do, I was running around like a headless chicken. Shopping for everything we would need, cleaning, taking the opportunity to clear out clothes and toys that we needed to give away. Which just made it crazy, because I just ended up doing things which I could have easily done another time. The only way I could pull it off, was by staying away from the laptop. I allowed myself the phone(but of course 🙂 ).

To cut a long story short, in the few days that I cut off myself from the laptop, my efficiency doubled. My cupboards are lighter, my carpets are cleaner, I wish I could say that I was lighter as well, but after a party, that would be a small miracle 🙂 It won’t take too long for my carpets to go back to their earlier state, but I seriously plan to keep my cupboards light. I’m going to have a tough enough time trying to pack things into boxes without adding to it by shopping some more.

Now, with the party and the mess out of the way, I’ve got to get ready to go to Venice 🙂 We are off to Venice next weekend! And I suspect that I will have to go on another blog sabbatical to get everything ready to go.

So I’ll get back next week and comment, reply to comments, read, etc, etc, etc 🙂 I’ll try to sneak in when I can, but I might be better off staying away from the laptop. Oh, and please do wish for us that we get good weather this time! AND by good weather I mean, HOT weather!

PS: Leaving you with a picture of one of the things that I made, and luckily, turned out to be a huge hit 🙂 especially lucky, because it was a first time experiment 🙂

The battleground that was

my sofa..  My dear daughter decided that it would be fun to write on the cream sofas that adorn our living room. Cream sofas!! What was our landlord thinking? Cream sofas in a rental home – my ultimate nightmare.

Now, I had a lot of criteria while looking for a place to rent. Cream/light coloured sofas were on the ‘no no’ list  – but when one if faced with a house where everything else is pretty much perfect and a bunch of houses that one would not want to put a step in, leave alone live in, one had no option but to go with the cream sofas.

Anyways, the last 8-9 months have been incident free. Daughter is quite a good child in the sense that she hardly ever draws on the walls or anything.. She had done that – long time ago but is now quite responsible and sensible, or so I thought…

This morning, it was one of the rare mornings when I woke up early enough to manage to spend some time with my neglected cross-trainer cum coat rack. It has become so disused that it has coats piled up on it – thanks to my dear husband. So when my daughter woke up, I managed to ignore her and continued my exercise in the vain hope of losing a few of those pounds which have been piling on and on. Little did I realise that she was sitting quietly on the sofa for a reason! She had found a ball point pen and had been busy scribbling away at it.

It was only after I was done with those tough 7 minutes (it is tough after a break of months!) on the cross-trainer, and was about to start cooling down when I realised what daughter had been doing! Well,  enough to say that there was no cooling down involved, just one huge volcanic burst of anger and daughter cowering in fear at the monster that seemed to have entered her mother’s body.

Next there was a mad scramble to get hold of my leather cleaning product(supposed to clean and nourish!) from the array of cleaning products that I have.. The amount of cleaning products that I have, it is very likely that someone who does not know me, might mistake me for having a house  cleaning business! Anyways, I sprayed it on and rubbed and scrubbed – to no avail! Then I waited for another 1o minutes and repeated – no change ! Not a bit of the ink got removed.. The area around it did get clean though, so now I had a sofa with a clean patch and ink marks! God! Now I am going to have to scrub the whole sofa too!!!

With the leather cleaner having failed it’s test – I tried sponging it with some soapy water.

‘High Hopes!’, said the marks,’ Soap? Do you really think that soap can get us off? ha ha ha!’

Now having lost all hopes and having given daughter another dose of the ‘naughty chair’, I turned to my last hope – the Internet. The first result that I got almost killed me – it said that it was practically impossible to remove ink stains and that leather cleaning products are of no use(Yeah, yeah, tell me about it!).

Not one to give up so soon, I tried some more and found a forum where lots of people recommended using hair spray. Hairspray? Did I read that right?And a lot of people had recommended it too.  Thankfully, I had some hairspray – thanks to all those hairstyles that went awry. So I got down to it, spraying my expensive Toni and Guy hairspray all over my sofa. Hoping against hope that it turns out more effective at ink stain removal that it was at holding my hairstyle. And viola! , it was! The ink marks did go! Who would’ve thought!

I knew that hairspray had to have some use!!!