Yummy-Tummy Weekend

Last weekend was a treat for my taste buds!

Last Thursday, a friend brought over a bowl of freshly prepared dosa batter. I had given up on home-made dosas after all my experimentation.  So it was with a lot of trepidation that I kept her batter for fermentation. For the uninformed, my dosa batter just refuses to ferment. I have tried everything, including the tips that you guys gave me in this post. So I had given up on dosas altogether. This time, turns out, the dosa gods were rather benevolent. The batter fermented beautifully!

We had a lovely feast on Saturday morning. It was delicious! Before we could digest it, we had a birthday party of husband’s colleague to attend to.  It was a lunch buffet at a lovely restaurant, which has this wonderful spread of starters! I could fill myself up on just the starters, when I spotted the huge selection of deserts! Cakes, puddings and even fruit pieces that could be dunked in chocolate at the chocolate fountain! In short , my food heaven!  I could stay there and hog forever, if we were not kicked out at 2:30 – the restaurant closes at 2:30.. I am just waiting to get back there. I am also trying to convince my husband on the need for a chocolate fountain at home. What fun that would be! Chocolate at the ready – anytime I want it ! Guess, I will also need a whole new wardrobe to go with my chocolate fountain too.

Saturday ended, with me vowing, not to eat anything heavy again, when another dear friend, dropped in with her delicious Chicken Biryani! Now, for some reason, I never get to eat good chicken biryani here. Every time I try  it at restaurants here, I just end up disappointed.  So last time we went to London, I actually did a takeaway to enjoy at home. My friend, the dear thing that she is,  knew about this and she brought over some, because she knew how much I liked it. Needless to say, I forgot all about my vow and ate it all up.

The best part of the weekend was, that I ended up eating all this delicious food and none of it, made by me, I guess that must have made it even more tasty! We ended the weekend with a pizza, made by daughter. Leaving you with  pictures of the little chef preparing her pizza.

Sprinkling the sweetcorn.

And the all important cheese!


PS: I think I have finally figured out how to get my dosa batter ferment. I tried using Sona Masuri rice (instead of Basmati)  and it worked last night! Keeping my fingers crossed and praying hard to the Dosa god 🙂