Of Challenges and Birthdays

There have been a few of things I had planned to do. But they had been pushed to the back burner because of various reasons/excuses.

Now, I just happen to be lucky to be part of a wonderful group on FB called the IndiBlogeshwaris, hosted by Vinita. I say ‘lucky’ because they are an amazing bunch of women bloggers, who haven’t yet kicked me out, because I hardly contribute anything. It takes me time to get comfortable in large groups, and here, I am happy being in the sidelines enjoying the fun and the banter. Having said that, even being in the sidelines of a group like this, is a wonderful experience, so much to learn from, so much to take away. Just like this challenge that they came up with on the 1st Anniversary of the group, to pick up one task that we take up, and resolve to complete it in time for the first birthday of the group.

As I said, I had a few things that I needed to do. The most important for me at the moment being the need up the practical test to get my manual driving license. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been putting it away. I would have put it away for a bit longer, citing the need to settle down first etc, etc, etc before taking it up, especially given the buses seem to work for me fine, at the moment. Thanks to this challenge, I set about it immediately. Got myself an instructor(I can’t drive the car we have now, because of some insurance issues with the lease, until I get my license), and started my lessons.

I wish I could declare that I was successful, but I haven’t. I wished I could get a test date soon enough, but clearly luck was not with me. It is rather far away. So while I haven’t successfully completed the challenge, it certainly helped me focus and go for it. And I think it gave me the drive to give it my all. And for that, I am grateful to the IndiBlogeshwaris! Here’s wishing a wonderful group of women, a wonderful 1st Birthday and many, many more to come!

Second Glance by Jodi Picoult and a Challenge

One thing I find I rarely do is review the books I read. Mainly because I worry if I could do justice to the books and because I get lazy. Smita’s review challenge hopefully will motivate me to review the books I read. I would like to review at least 1 book every fortnight.

So here I go, signing up for Smita’s Let’s Review More n More books” Challenge.

 And my first review before the first week of the new year ends.

Jodi Picoult is one of my favourite authors and last week I discovered a book of hers that I had missed. For some reason, I was under the impression that I had already read Second Glance. Reading through the back cover, I realised that I had missed this one.

Ross Wakeman does not want to live. Ever since his fiancee died in a car accident, he has lost the will to live, but he seems to lead a charmed life. No matter what he does, he does not succeed in dying. All he wants is to join Aimee on the other side.

In desperation, he turns to ghost-hunting. He hopes to see Aimee’s ghost and is close to giving up hope. He ends up in an Abenaki burial ground, and from then on, nothing works as it normally does.

Meredith Oliver’s daughter Lucy is haunted by inexplicable nightmares. Nothing they do seems to matter.

Shelby lives an unimaginable life keeping her nine year old son away from the sun. He suffers from a life-threatening ‘allergy to sunlight’. She will do anything for her son. Ethan, her son, longs to fit in, to be normal.

How do these come together? You’ll have to read it to find out. It combines Picoult’s skill of weaving medical conditions , genetics, paranormal occurences, nail biting suspense, and ethical issues into her  stories makes it a wonderful read.  While this is not one of her best(in my opinion), but it still is un-put-downable. I read in a days time. I would give it a 4/5 simply because I have read better books from Picoult.