If I got Duplicated…

…I would drive some people crazy(like Husband, for instance) 🙂 He might decide to stay away in Glasgow during the weekends too 🙂

Reading Scribby’s post on Dme(Duplicate Me), my first thought was, ‘Oh what a fun concept!, I should copy this from her’! Reading through her post, I realized that I did not have to copy it – Scribby had already tagged me 🙂 Thanks dearie! Love this tag 🙂

So what would I do is I could duplicate myself! Oh so many things! If I start, I’m afraid I will never stop 🙂

1. Get Dme to do all the daily cooking. Let her figure out what to cook, and everything! If there is something I hate – it is everyday cooking. The Ome(Original Me), will just swan into the kitchen and make exotic stuff, and bake 🙂

2. Send Dme off to the gym to work off all the calories I put on eating(and lazying around) 🙂

3. Send her off to do boring things like grocery shopping, while I nip off into the library or just stay at home and read?

4. Dme could take over vacuuming the three floors of the house, and tidying up as well, while I do other interesting things?

5. I could go back to work, while DMe could stay at home cook, pick up daughter from school, and I could get back home just in time to relax and spend the evening with daughter.

6. I always miss deliveries because I have to step out – even when I know the postman might arrive precisely when I step out – with a Dme – that would be so one less worry!

7. With a Dme, the Dme could work, while the Ome takes off on vacations 🙂 even when I have no leave at work!

8. I guess I would never ever complain about 24 hours being too less 🙂

I could go on and on… After all, who wouldn’t appreciate an extra pair of hands? It would, of course, be useful if Duplicate Me came with a different skill-set rather than exactly the same as mine, you know 🙂 I don’t want to have to fight with myself over which things I get to do, and which she does 🙂 A complimentary Me might make more sense 🙂 But then, beggars can’t choosers, so lets at least get the DMe 🙂

So tell me, what would you do if you got to duplicate yourself? I feel too lazy to tag you guys, so please help yourself – anybody reading this – consider yourself tagged 🙂