The Trials of Motherhood

PnA’s post, reminded me of how I have crossed over to the other side of the divide.  I am now a mother tut-tutting away at all that I consider ‘inappropriate’ for my daughter, while she looks for ways to flout my rules 😦

Poohi is extremely girly, in a way, I never was(and still am not). She loves nail colour, and long nails, and is absolutely unable to understand why she can’t have all of it.Thankfully, she is more fond of school than nail colour and all that jazz, so telling her that she can’t wear nail colour because school does not allow it, works.

This last holiday, however, she found a way to get around that rule.

And if nail colour was not enough, she also wanted some body art!

and some more 😦

Disclaimer – Those long nails are the effect of not letting someone’s mother cut nails 😦 Thankfully school is far more exciting than long nails, which is a mercy 🙂