Ramblings on a Sunny Sunday

Yes, you read that right. I did say sunny. It’s probably been months since its been this gorgeous.

The last few months have been miserable. Pouring and grey. I was particularly unhappy because my dad got to see the worst of the weather here. The only silver lining was that it didn’t snow. At least with the weather being the way it was, he still managed to go for long walks and dropped and picked up Daughter from school. It gave him something to do and made daughter’s life much easier. She didn’t have to wait until 5:30 in the after school club for me to pick her up.

Next week is going to be a real challenge for us, as dad’s off this Thursday. I’m going to miss him so and worry as well. Although I know that he is one of the strongest persons I’ve known in my life. Strongest and one of the most positive. I know he will be fine, but as I’ve said before once you reach a phase in life, you worry about your children as well as your parents… And I’ve unfortunately reached that stage a while ago.

What has all this to do with a sunny Sunday, you ask? Nothing at all, this is just the way my mind wanders. But talking of sunny, Sunday or not, it feels wonderful. For instance, today I was so much more productive. Cooked, cleaned, did some laundry, walked to the town centre, ironed and most important of all, even managed to take down the Christmas tree. I know, I know, totally unacceptable, but we just weren’t getting the time. It has been just too hectic. Every time I saw it in the last 10 days, I would cringe. Finally today, it’s come down.

For a change on a Sunday evening, I’m just relaxing. Typing up this post, after a heavy tea consisting of onion rings and a whole load of junk. I could fall asleep, if it weren’t six in the evening, I would.

How has your Sunday been?

Notes on a wet Sunday evening…

Third day of the challenge and I’m already struggling. And this on a Sunday, not even a weekday. It doesn’t help that we had a super hectic Sunday.

We ended up on an impromptu trip to Manchester. It was all down to a laptop. We had ordered a laptop for my dad and when it arrived last week, it wasn’t quite what we wanted. So I started searching online and zeroed in on a laptop that felt perfect. It had just one problem, it was only available in Lemington Spa. And was not available for home delivery either. We had to click and collect. It was New Year’s Eve and shops closed early and we had no option but to wait. Friday, I wasn’t well, Saturday, we had family visiting and when we checked for the laptop on Saturday night, the only place it was available for collection was in Manchester; hence the impromptu plan.

We set off, on a very, very rainy day. Ever since my dad’s come, it’s been pouring. Although I have to say, I’m just glad that it’s not unbearably cold or snowing. That would have been truly horrendous. We’ve not taken him anywhere at all, a combination of daughter being busy on the weekends and the bad weather. Given that we were traveling all the way to Manchester, it made sense to do something more as well. With the weather being as lovely as it was, the only realistic option were the museums. We decided In the Museum of Science and Industry. It seemed to have the best reviews. I have to say, the museums in this country are yet to disappoint me. They are so always Interesting.

The day flew by before we knew it. Good food, a new laptop plus a lot of interesting tidbits of information about the scientific advancements made in the last few centuries and fascinating facts about the industrial revolution at the museum. We even walked through a reconstructed sewer. I know, I know, I must lead a sad life if I get excited by a sewer 🙂

And here’s the sewer we walked through 🙂

A Sunday well spent. Not quite looking forward to working tomorrow. While I didn’t have any time off, the last two weeks have been so festive and fun. We had Christmas fun, secret Santas, truck loads of chocolate and a half empty office. Tomorrow, it’s all back to normal programming, not really looking forward to it.

So what did you guys do? Did the weather gods smile at you? Are you going back to work after a Christmas break?

Welcome 2016

Another year comes to an end. 2016 is here. Time seems to be flying just too fast these days.

2015 has been a year that has tested me like no other year. It’s been heart breaking, ‘pulled me in five different directions’ tough, the year which I will always remember as the year I lost my mother.

For a year with so much sadness, it has also had it’s highs, although they fade away in front on the lows, but still.

2016, what ever you might bring, please bring me the courage to face it all.  May we have the strength to pick up the pieces and move on.

Here’s to 2016, bring on everything, the sadness, the joys, the highs and the lows. Here’s to facing it with grace and having fun where we can!

On a completely different note, as has been tradition for the last few years, I’m joining the blog marathon again this year. I must be mad. I know I say this every year, but this year is extra busy. And this has been the most impulsive decision to join so far. When Maya asked, I couldn’t resist. I normally give it more thought. I do think I would have backed out if I thought any more. All the best to my fellow ‘marathoners’.