Blooming marvelous!

Is there anything prettier than flower blossoms all around?

These days, it is rose season here. Every house has roses blooming. Some even have roses on their hedges. I keep seeing some lovely, lovely roses on hedges. The only preventing me from clicking pictures is the fear that I might offend somebody.

Roses everywhere reminded me of a poem we had in some class in school. I think it was Class4. My school principal handled the English class just for a day, and she was going through this poem. I don’t recall the name or the poet, but I remember the way she explained the context of the poem. She explained how in England, roses were found on hedges, and they bloom everywhere. Knowing how much trouble my mother used to take to grow and tend to her roses, I remember being amazed that roses could bloom like that! And that stuck in my mind, for all these years.

When I first came to the UK, I was stunned by the beauty of the place in spring and summer. It looked like every plant bloomed and my teacher was right, there are roses in hedges. I have some in my garden, which I did nothing to nurture, it was probably planted years ago, and then they bloomed, and  I could not believe my eyes. So many blooms, so many buds yet to bloom. Leaving you with a few pictures.

Roses framing my living room window