To be bright and happy.. Post 29

.. is easy when everything in life is perfect.. But even small things can affect our equilibrium sometimes.. at least it does mine.

I had been feeling under the weather, the last two days. Just a cold, and a ear infection, it turns out.

On the way back from the doctors this morning, I was driving, feeling a little miserable with my aching ear, and wishing I weren’t ill. I ended up stuck behind a cyclist. The road was rather narrow, so I had to slow down and stay behind him until I could overtake. That was when I noticed that he had steel rod for one leg. Not even a  prosthesis, just a steel rod, and he was cycling!

I couldn’t help be amazed at his spirit. Here I was, feeling sad for myself, when all I had was a little infection. Here was a man without a leg, and even that wasn’t stopping him from making the most of his life. I wouldn’t have even noticed it, if I hadn’t needed to slow down.

It certainly made me count my blessings, and stopped me from wallowing in self pity. How small am I , if a cold and an infection is getting me down?

I count my blessings.. Post 17

..every time that I go to daughter’s school.

We had an open morning at school, where parents are invited to come in and observe how their children work at school. It is an amazing experience, and every time I go for an open morning, I come back impressed.

Impressed at the teachers’ patience, the gentle way in which they impart knowledge. I could see every child participating, every child was involved, at some level or the other.

What I really liked was the way the slightly fidgety , not exactly naughty, but more disinterested children were handled. There was a child who was more interested in doing whatever pleased her rather than participate in their group’s activity(the children are divided into groups, and each group was doing a separate activity).  The teacher who was handling the group, would gently bring the child’s attention back to the activity. Gently but firmly, not once losing her temper. I was amazed at her efforts.Eventually, the child started participating. Even when children give the wrong answers, they are just asked to try again and then congratulated when they do come up with the right answer. You could see how the positivity helped the children focus, and improve at what they were doing. By the end of that 15 minute activity, all the children were equally involved and focused. Each activity worked towards a  specific goal. Activities which looked like fun, actually taught them counting, handling money, adding, taking away…

I had written about how we learn better when we enjoy what we learn, sometime back. It just gets reinforced when I see the way daughter’s school works. The children genuinely bond with the teachers, they wait to go to school, last time one of the children hugged the teacher as soon as they got in the class. I was so touched. It just showed to me how much the teachers cared for the children.

Despite the gentle approach, not one child misbehaved. Most of the children were vying to answer questions, they knew the protocol they had to follow, and any time they digressed, all they needed was a gentle reminder from the teachers. Who says children won’t learn unless they are forced?

I might have said this before, but I want to put it on record again, I truly feel glad, that daughter is able to go to a school like this. Where she feels secure, happy and is learning so much.