My Most Beautiful Thing

Well, not a thing, but a person, daughter.

It is not very often that I take part in contests or events in the blog world, mainly because I find it difficult to write on demand, but when I saw this event – My Most Beautiful Thing Blogsplash, to be held on the 24th of April, it felt right – just apt to do a post on someone who means everything in the world to me. Especially as she came into my arms, six years ago, on the 24th of April.

I still remember my first sight of her. That squealing baby, is now my six year old, who thinks she knows the answer to everything. I can’t even playfully ask her, ‘where did my little baby go, when did she become so big?’ she has the answer, ‘Amma, you were a tiny baby once too, look how giant you are now!’. Well, at least someone thinks I am not a midget!

Looking back, I can’t even imagine a time without her in our lives. Her infectious laughter, her optimism, her bubbly excitement, her nonstop chatter, and her ability to find ways to entertain herself. It would do me a world of good, to take a few a pages out of her book.

I’ve not written letters to my daughter on the blog, but here’s what I would want to tell her.

My darling girl, you brighten up my(and your Dad’s) days in more ways than you know.

You  are a truly morning person, who wakes up with a smile, and wakes up with one blink of your eyes. Those eyes, which once once open, don’t close. Of course, I am delighted about it now, but a few years back, all I wished was for you to go back to sleep so that I could catch a few extra winks. Now, of course, you entertain yourself with a book, much to our delight(and relief, if I am honest).

You’ve made me proud in so many ways, with your impeccable behaviour(well, most of the time), with your consideration for others, and your sense of fairness. You strive to be fair to even those who might not have been exactly fair to you. You even try to hide your disappointment when your parents give you a dictionary as a birthday present, and actually tried to use it immediately. Of course, it made your delight at your actual present(a set of your favourite book series even more interesting to watch). Every time I have a parents consultation with your teacher, I come back with a huge, huge smile The one time, Daddy managed to get time off to attend, he came away teary-eyed with happiness too. Both of us wish we could record the meetings and show them to you when you are older.

My precious blessing, I can’t describe how much pleasure it gives me when you come running out of school, hurl yourself into my arms, give me a massive hug, and then go on to tell me about your day. Some days, of course, are extra special, because you’ve discovered that wobbly tooth, you’ve been waiting for, for ages. It is another story that I feel queasy when I see you wobbling that tooth.

You can’t sit still, not even while reading, you change positions, even almost turn upside down, engrossed in your books, lost to the world. I can’t tell you what makes me happier, seeing you reading like there is no tomorrow, or looking up from the book, and telling, ‘I feel like there’s a thunderstorm around me, because I’ve been reading about it in the book’! I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’ve discovered the magical world of reading. May you always enjoy reading the way you do now.

You’re six years old, a big girl, according to you. It’s been six years since you came into our lives, and nothing has been the same since.You’ve changed me, the way I do things, the way I look at things. Makes me so proud to be your mother. Here’s wishing you a lovely birthday, doing what you wanted to do (play Monopoly the whole evening after school, you are easy to please, I have to give you that :). Hopefully, we will be the kind of parents you would be proud of, as well. Hopefully, we will bring you up with the kind of support, and love you that need.

May you stay blessed and the cheerful, sunny person that you are. May you continue to find joy in the smallest of things. May you be reach for the stars and beyond, and may you be happy in whatever you do.

With all the love in the world,


My most beautiful thing…

This is my contribution to the My Most Beautiful Thing event, inspired by Fiona Robyn’s Book –My Most Beautiful Thing. Fiona has made the book free on Kindle and PCs for today and tomorrow. I’m off to read it, what about you?

Happy Birthday Swaram!

One of the best side-effects of blogging, for me, has been the wonderful friends I made. Swaram, is one of those precious friends I found here.

Despite never having met, we can spend hours talking on the phone. We like the same choice of books, food 🙂 And yes, Swaram, you feel like the little sister, I always wanted 🙂

So here’s wishing you the bestest, happiest birthday ever! Lots of love and wishes coming your way. And yes, gift when we meet 🙂

Birthday Wishes

It’s somebody’s birthday today!

He is a certified JKG, a dedicated fun dad, a wonderful friend to a lot of us, yes, it’s Hitchy! It’s Hitchy’s birthday!

Hitchy, Hope you have a lovely, lovely birthday!! Have lots of fun and may all your heartfelt wishes come true. Am sure Santa is listening too 🙂

Hitchy – I did promise you cake, didn’t I 🙂

Go on, rush over to wish him at his place.

Birthday Wishes..

As they say, some people make a difference. Some people connect with the first comment they make on the blog world.

The first time I came across Sakshi, was when she commented on my name mutilation post about how she was called ‘Sexy’ by her son’s friend 🙂 Since then, I have been known to frequent her blog – even when she does not post , hounding her till she posts,along with Deeps and SJ. She is one person totally capable of spicing up comment sections with her comments and making us roll with laughter with her hilarious posts 🙂  And her photo posts – they are a wow!! I am so glad to have known you here, Saksh!

I had been planning to wish her very tamely on Facebook and Orkut, when Deeps came up with an idea of surprising her with something else 🙂 Thanks Deeps, for that Brilliant idea! Here’s wishing one of the warmest, funniest and cutest persons in our blog-samaj a very, very, very Happy Birthday! Sakshi, Hope you have an absolutely wonderful day! May you get all the happiness in the world!

Sakshbday 3

Saksh, all those gifts you see in the pic are for you – Jimmy Choo shoes and a Jimmy Choo bag, knowing how you love grocery shopping in your JCs 😉 We weren’t sure what your favourite colour was – so decided to get you  Govinda Style multi-coloured ones;)

PS : Comments are disabled here. Please head over to Sakshi’s place to wish her 🙂