Beaten pink and black..

I do know that there are no free lunches – ever,  but it doesn’t stop my heart from skipping a beat in excitement when I saw a letter addressed to me with a stamp saying ‘Official Confirmation of award’.

See that envelope torn in a hurry? – that was how excited I was.  But then, it just takes a second to come back to earth with a thud. I was eligible for a award which would be at least £15, could be £50, £100 or even £1,500! All I needed to do was open a credit account with somebody. Yeah, right! As if it would be anything else. I was just grateful that some uncle of mine , in Nigeria, did not die and leave me a fortune. All my hopes of a special gift on the eve of Valentine’s day were dashed. Serves me right for thinking that Valentine’s day is something special.

As the season of love surrounds us, all sorts of offers come through the door. We got a ‘pizza lovers’ booklet of offers from Pizza Hut. If Pizza Hut was offering, could Domino’s be far away?  And then there pink coloured restaurant menus announcing special Valentine’s day menus, which caused Poohi to jump in delight. Everything pink is her’s by right. So before I could recycle them, Poohi appropriated them and hid them away – for future cutting up into shapes.

I had been out shopping yesterday and was glad that I went alone. Every bakery had pink cakes. Pink hearts decorated most shops. Love is most certainly in the air. Of course, Muthalik might not agree. Although that piece of news was greeted by most of us with glee.

I could never understand what it was about Valentine’s day that makes some people go so ballistic? It used to be Shiv Sena’s forte earlier, but seeing that they are busy elsewhere, helpful cousins of theirs are helping out every year these days. Funny, isn’t it, because  while reports confirm that the days after Navaratri, sees a boom in abortions, I have never read anything similar about Valentine’s day.  But that, I guess, is legitimate and part of our ‘culture’. Valentine’s day is an import so it is ‘right’ to beat up people, forcefully marry them off!  Women drinking in pubs is an import again, so they can be beaten up? Yeah, that is part of our culture – beating up people and intimidation.

Is it such a wonder that others decided to take matters into their hands and decided to blacken his face? I can just say that he got what he deserved – a taste of his own medicine- just a year late, probably.