Be careful what you wish for(2)

Is something I come to realize again and again.

You see, I have been telling friends how I used to wake up to birds chirping, in Leeds, while here, I have the melodious tones of horns honking to wake me up(and keep me awake, sometimes). So fate decided to take away my compliants. Now I get to hear baby pigeons in a nest somewhere, but they just can’t stop chirping! I wonder if there are multiple nests there – I can’t see it , it’s somewhere hidden away… I feel sorry for the poor mum and dad pigeons. Actually not so much. If they are the ones who break off my saplings, well, they deserve it. I just wish their nest was at another floor!

And remember how I find Americanisms everywhere these days? I found some more. Our good old ‘zed’ has become ‘zee’ and Maths has become ‘Math’. Zee I can still accept. Math, somehow, feels incomplete to me! I know, I sound crazy, but it still feels foreign to me 🙂

In other news, I am having a ball doing container gardening. I’m so tempted to plant more/buy more planters. The only reason, I have been holding back is the uncertainty of our situation. How I would love to buy some colourful planters, and some hanging ones, to add to my balcony. Hoping hard that things turn clear, and I can go to town with my gardening 🙂

Can someone inspire me to bake again? Although my heart jumps in excitement at the idea of baking, for some reason, I don’t seem to be able to get down to it. Anybody up for a baking challenge?

When I was away..

..India turned into America:)

One of things that puzzled daughter at school was the fact that there were no toilets. She kept insisting that there were no toilets, and I kept telling her to ask her friends. I did not want to email the teacher about it. She was, after all, old enough to figure this out, right?

Turns out the toilets were called, ‘restrooms’. ‘But why?’, Asks a puzzled daughter, so I explained that what they are called in America. ‘But we are in India not America’!

Well, what do I say to that 🙂 And now, I notice ‘restrooms’ everywhere. I had a waiter look down snootily at me, when I asked for ‘the toilets’. Apparently toilets aren’t called toilets anymore 😦

All that I need now, is to ask for ‘queues‘. Not that most people seem to have a clue what it means anyway:)