This is how we keep busy ..

during term breaks when the weather forces us indoors.

We make pizzas.. with play dough..


We do crazy craft things which don’t look they way they should..

That creature is supposed to be a lion, although any self respecting lion would cry if he saw this 🙂

We make our tributes to Easter. Although since mum was too lazy to bake a cupcake, we made do with chocolate mousse.

We dance..

And when we run out of things to do.. we always have our books, don’t we?

We also had a bunny trail at home, and another at the library, but I did not take any pictures of it 🙂

That is the first week of the holidays almost over. We have plans to go away for the weekend, but it all depends on the weather. Hopefully it will be dry enough for us to go. Fingers crossed. Otherwise, we will just relax at home.

Hope all of you have a great break, I’ll see you next week – if we do go away, or else, I will be here reading and commenting 🙂

Holiday tales

Last day of term break today and I can’t say that enough. This last one week, has made me understand why so many parents here, dread term break. In schools here, students get a week of holiday after every six weeks of school.

I had heard from parents of school going children how they dreaded it and I had been unable to comprehend why. Now, I understand. Keeping an active child occupied and happy is not such an easy task after all.  We had loads of activities planned for the last week. Playdates, movies to be seen, going on walks. However, fate had other plans when daughter came down with a temperature and an aching ear on Monday morning, leading to a cancellation of a playdate and a vehemently protesting daughter, who claimed ‘I am better already, I want to play with M’, when she was hardly able to stay awake.

Tuesday was better. We had planned to watch ‘The Princess and a Frog’, but I had cancelled all plans due to her illness. Again fate had other plans. By 2 in the afternoon, it was clear to me that the movie would certainly be a better option than being cooped in with a child who is very unhappy about being indoors. The constant rain was no help at all. So off we went, to watch the movie at the very last minute, which was especially disappointing for daughter, for whom, movie meant munching popcorn and sipping orange juice just as much as watching it. The movie ,however, was thankfully, totally worth it. I just have to keep her away from frogs now. Just yesterday, she told me that I could become a frog, and then she could kiss me and I could become a prince! I knew I should have kept her away from that movie!

Wednesday and Thursday went off in a haze with 2 little girls going crazy in the house.  The house looked like a tornado hit it – but I had one happy little girl home at the end of the day 🙂 They played all sorts of pretend play, made pizza out of play dough, painted and had a whale of a time.

The amount of paper that we have used up painting makes me wonder if we have ended up endangering the environment with all the paper used up. We also baked turtles made of baking clay and then she painted it in colours which no self-respecting turtle would want to be seen in. I would have put up pictures, but I did not want to be accused of cruelty and causing mental trauma to turtles by allowing them to be painted in such colours.

At the end of the week, just when I was grateful that school would start tomorrow, it had to go and snow today. Now keeping fingers crossed, please let it snow, no more. I really need school to start tomorrow. Much as I love my little one, I really need some rest after the whirlwind of a week that last week was 🙂