26/11 – Hope against hope

26/11. The day which shocked us all like never before. Far, far away from India, I sat transfixed, watching the horror unfold in front of me.

Millions across the world did the same, felt the same outrage, came out in different ways to express how they felt…

Outpourings of grief, anger and outrage everywhere..

So many brave people of India, scarificed their lives, saved lives without thinking twice about their own safety..

But did it change anything? Has 26/11 changed anything in reality or are we just waiting for another, more shocking. more horrifying version of 26/11 to happen before we get pushed into action. Have we all gone back to our cozy lives after the initial shock wore off? Have we, in reality forgotten what happened a year back.. Apparently, South Mumbai where most of the attacks took place, had a really low voter turnout – have we as voters forgotten our responsibility too?

Just when I thought it could get no worse, I saw that our govt had spent 31 crores to keep Kasab alive! What a monumental waste of money.We have seen all kinds of tamashas in this trial.  What should have been an open and shut case, has dragged on for a year. What with the Shiv sena threatening the lawyers who were to represent him and all that. Surely, why do these political parties forget that justice is simply being denied by all these unnecessary political dramas? What did it all achieve? Yes, am sure they got some political mileage – but the real cost is the 31 crores and justice that has been delayed for so many victims and their families. Makes you wonder if all the valour with which our forces fought the terrorists were wasted. Makes you wonder if the Ajmal Kasab trial will go the Lieberhaan way and take 17 years  before it is completed?

For a country to be a position to ensure it’s security, from both internal and external elements, one of the key things is to make an effort to reduce the corruption levels. With reports of how Hemant Karkare’s bullet proof vest is missing – it just reinforces the fact that we have corruption at the highest levels. If our government officers and those in the government are not accountable and responsible – what hope do we have to ensuring that our country is safe from terrorists?

While I do understand that countries like America have an intrinsic advantage of geography, but surely, given that we are more vulnerable and our neighbourhood more troubled, we have to go that extra mile. I guess, all we can do is hope (against hope?) that we never see a 26/11 attack again..