Spring is here!

You know what they say about, having to experience winter to really be able to appreciate spring? Well, when I was growing up and survived on Enid Blyton books, it always puzzled me to see how happy everybody was to see a ‘Sunny Day’. In India, at that point in time, I used to love overcast, rainy days in those days.. I used to wait for rainy days – used to love monsoon those days…

Now having lived in the UK, I have come to appreciate ‘sunny days’ finally!

There is definitely something about seeing the garden awash in sunlight!

About seeing little yellow flowers pushing their way out of unruly hedges,

green grass starting to cover brown patches of land,

colourful flowers sprouting just about everywhere – they might be weeds – but they make me feel so, so good!

of seeing neighbours spring cleaning – and all their stuff out in the garden 🙂

waking up to that wonderful thing called sunlight, instead of dreary ‘greyness’,

and that wonderful feeling that winter is on its way out,

and summer is just around the corner!

Yes, now I know why….