Thursday Challenge – Style

STYLE (Hair, Makeup, Perfume bottles, Mirrors, Formal Wear, Dresses,…) is today’s Thursday Challenge. Let me show you some Venetian Style 🙂

Masking Styles..

Handbags, anybody?

Some of us like shoes..

Jewelry Styles…

And finally, don’t you think this is stylish 😉

PS: Photo Credits – Husband.

Thursday Challenge – Texture

And I go with Silky. I haven’t done a Thursday Challenge for a while now. Been too lazy to search through my pictures. So I decided to click one, just for today’s challenge.

There is something timeless about silks, don’t you think? When it comes to saris, I somehow gravitate towards silks. I don’t get to wear them much, but if I did, I would wear silks or cotton. What about you guys? Any particular favourites?


Thursday Challenge – Food

All through my childhood, I recall my parents having potted plants or a garden where it was possible.

I grew up in a colony, well, it was more of a township, and we moved houses several times. Basically, as you get promoted, you become eligible for bigger/better houses. And in every house/flat we lived, my mother would work her magic and have lovely plants. Painstakingly watering them and pruning them. Some of it was rubbed off on me, although I am nowhere close to her. How I long to live in a place long enough to have a little kitchen garden of my own. All I have now is a bunch of post.

There was one house where we stayed for quite a long while, because it was very close to school. It had a garden with two mango trees, and two guava trees. The mangoes were the tastiest ever and in such abundance too. We used to get them plucked, and would distribute them in bags to all our neighbours and friends – and we has quite a few of them, and yet would have loads left for us, I think those mangoes were the best I have ever tasted. My dad added some banana trees to the garden, and mom added a lot of plants.

When they finally retired and settled down in Kerala, they had more space that they ever had to plant. Within a year, they transformed the place with a kitchen garden as well as all sorts of flowering plants. Now they grow so many fruits and vegetables, that they rarely buy vegetables. I think onions and potatoes are the only things that they need to buy.

When I saw this week’s Thursday Challenge((Farmers Market, Vegetables, Meat, Cooking, Restaurant,…), I had to post the pics of some home-grown veggies from my parents garden!





Thursday Challenge – Construction

I thought I’d sneak this one in 🙂 as part of this week’s Thursday Challenge (“CONSTRUCTION” (Houses, Streets, Commercial, Equipment, Vehicles,…)…. This counts as construction, don’t you think, so what if it is made of ‘building blocks’?

PS: Will get down to replying to comments and blog-hopping, have been busy 😦


We have been waiting..

.. for snow..

Yesterday, the forecast said ‘Light snow showers at 3:00’, and we had our eyes peeled at 3, waiting. The wait went on until 4. Daughter gave up before me. I logged in to check if the weather forecast had changed, only to realize that it said very clearly, ’03:00 am (Thu). Silly me, not to read it properly.

The first thing, I did this morning was to check if the forecast held true. Well, it most certainly did  – but it must have been a very very light shower, the only thing left was a thin layer of ice on the top of cars. How disappointing. This morning was slightly better. We have had light showers of snow, which disappears as soon as it hits the ground, but it is better than, nothing, don’t you think?

Here is how it was last year. And here’s one from last year for today’s Thursday Challenge- “WEATHER” (Snow, Sun, Cloudy, Rain, Lightening, Rainbow, Tornado,…).

Thursday Challenge – Autumn

Autumn is one season I just don’t like, given the fact that it just heralds in winter. I mean, as soon as Autumn is done, here comes the horrid winter. Having said that, Autumn beauty is still powerful enough to tug at your camera, isn’t it?

The theme for this week’s Thursday Challenge is Autumn (Colored Leaves, Harvest, Farmer’s Markets, Raking Leaves, Piles of Leaves, Warm Clothes,…)

Some trees bereft of leaves, others still clinging on to theirs.. In under a month’s time, they would all be leafless, soulless, until spring..

Crafts and challenges and love

This week’s Thursday Challenge is so perfect for a post that had been languishing in my drafts for a while now. This week, it is all about Crafts((Supplies, Knitting, Crocheting, Woodworking, Pottery, Painting,…) And everytime, I hear ‘craft’, all I(and Poohi and husband) can think of is our dear Crafty. So here goes, a post dedicated to Crafty.

And I also cheat, I have a lot more than one picture. I am not sure what the rules are, but does it really matter?

I was holidaying at home, totally out of touch with everybody else but family, when I logged into my blogging email and came across a very angry email from Crafty, demanding that I send her my address. As you guys know, I went underground when on vacation, so I saw this email rather late, and then managed to get Crafty’s number from Swaram and called her. What a bubbly, happy voice! So different from the low, unwell sounding Crafty I spoke to today. Crafty, please get well soon! Your last post had most of us worried. While we are delighted that you are on the way to recovery, we don’t want to hear of you being this unwell ever. Please get well soon! Hugs! And extra special hugs from Poohi.

So coming back to my holiday story, Crafty had made some lovely, lovely stuff for Poohi and me. See the pic below. That is Poohi’s ballerina. Crafty, she has been inseparable from it ever since she got hold of it . She even took it to school and told every body that Crafty Aunty made it for her. So now, everybody, including family, friends and random neighbours know of Crafty Aunty 🙂

And the lovely scarf that Crafty made for Poohi. You know what? Grey is also the colour of her uniform, so she can even wear it to school! What more can a little girl ask for 🙂

And below are some of the goodies that Crafty sent for Poohi and me:), although Poohi thinks that all this is just for her 😦 Aren’t those clips just the cutest? And the bookmarks! I swear, I end up admiring the bookmark instead of reading the book, a lot of times 🙂

I just wish I had half of her talent and heart! Hugs Crafty, get well soon and please do come and become my neighbour as you have been threatening 🙂 Nothing would give us more pleasure 🙂 Hugs again 🙂