No to Sex Education?

I just came across this article here.  ‘A Parliamentary committee has disfavoured introduction of sex education in schools and suggested inclusion of appropriate chapters in Biology syllabus, but not before plus two stage’

And they justify it by saying this – ‘Message should appropriately be given to school children that there should be no sex before marriage which is immoral, unethical and unhealthy,” the committee on petitions of Rajya Sabha said in its latest report which said “there should be no sex education in schools”.’

Does sex education in school equal – ‘sex before marriage’? Surely, in today’s world, children have access to a lot more material than the previous generations and isn’t it always better to ensure that they get this information from schools and parents instead of sleazy magazines or websites? By the time, a child reaches plus 2 – he/she is already 15/16 years old. Isn’t that too late to start sex ed?

‘The committee said chapters like ‘Physical and Mental Development in Adolescents’ and ‘HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases’ may be removed from the present curriculum and included in the books of biology at the ten plus two stage. ‘

I really feel that information, when given in a matter of fact, sensible way , can only help and by taking it off the curriculum and keeping it under the wraps can only cause more issues. Surely, when teenagers are made aware of the dangers and issues, they would be more conscious and responsible rather than when it is all kept hidden away like forbidden fruit?

What do you think? Do you think this is a sensible move or are we just burying our head in the sand?

Edited to Add –  I just came across this. Scares me to think of it – but an interesting read..

Teaching or Child Abuse?

I was shocked to see this new here about a teacher who pricked a child in her eye with a pin for failing to answer a question! This child, has been blinded, thanks to a person, who should have been responsible for her intellectual growth!

I don’t have words to express what I feel! Just the other day, NDTV reported of how a child was forced to drink urine because he passed urine in class! The more, I hear of these stories, I wonder about our education system in India! While, I am sure that these kinds of horrible instances of child abuse is not widespread, general apathy amongst teachers is definitely there.

Who are the teachers who are shaping young lives today? When I was in school , I remember we had dedicated teachers, who loved their subjects and some of the things that they have taught me – I remember and value, even today! I somehow, doubt if that holds true, today. With the huge salaries that MNCs pay and IT and ITES booming, why would anybody want to be doomed to a lifetime of teaching? While, there are some very dedicated teachers out there, who still make a difference to so many young people, I somehow get the feeling, that the vocation, that was teaching, is no longer that! Has teaching become the last option for a career?

Or maybe, while we were at school, we did not have such a strong media to report all such incidents? What do you think?