.. is fraught with all sorts of unexpected trouble and is becoming a complete roller-coaster of emotions for me.

– Finding hardly worn skinny jeans in your wardrobe, that you had kept away, in the vain hope that one day, you would fit into them. And now coming to the realization that its not going to happen in a hurry, not with the amount I’ve been eating 😦 Those skinny jeans will have to find another home.

– Finally giving away gorgeous hardly worn clothes of daughter – because she grows out of them so quickly!

– Throwing away winter coats that stood you through 8 cold winters, I don’t know why, but it makes me cry. Who would have thought that I could get all sentimental over clothing!

Physical Labour
– It is no less that hard physical labour to haul bags after bags to the charity shop. There is no decent place to park close by, which means I have a long trek with bin bags full of clothes to be given away.


– When you find buried in the storage cupboards things you had completely forgotten about. A cake decorating set, for instance. And it makes you want to bake and decorate right away:)

– Toys packed away for giving away to charity, toys which have been ignored for years, all of a sudden, become, ‘My favourite ones!’. And I, of course, am the evil one giving away all her things!

– When daughter finds it very funny to pop the bubbles on the bubble wrap that the packing company brought for me to pack. We have taken a complete pack and move package, but for some reason I thought that it would be good if I could do some of it myself. So I got them to drop off some packing supplies. I now realize that I had not thought things through. Someone is now spending her term break bursting bubbles on the bubble wrap!!!! I can only hope that they bring more supplies when they come around to pack.

Seriously, how do people manage when they have to ship everything across. I am not taking any furniture, and it is still driving me crazy. Moving houses in the same city or even in the same country was much easier. Atleast I did not have to make decisions on throwing away stuff, which I think I find the most tough.

While I might be oscillating between what to take, and what to leave behind, one thing I have certainly decided is that Daughter goes to school until the very last day. Having her underfoot while trying to wrap up things will certainly drive me mad 🙂