Trip to India – Photo post

This is a long overdue post.. that had been languishing in my drafts, incomplete, thanks to my to laziness and daughter’s refusal to let me sit at the laptop…Anyways, finally, here it is..
I had to do a travelogue of my vacation.. Thought it would be fun to do a photo post, given the fact we actually travelled across India – even though we did not do too much of sightseeing – it was a very family affair 🙂
We started off from Mumbai. We had just a day there but we did manage to go around. One of the places we went to was the Powai Lake.. Some shots of Bombay’s roads, no doubt, this deserted as it was a Sunday and the Powai Lake..

The next stop was Harda, MP. The day we reached was a special day – I forgot what exactly it was and there was a place on the banks of the River Narmada, where people came from all over for a dip. Here is the scene from there.. It was the first time that I had been to a place like this.. It was a totally different experience for me.. So many people, all excited at the just the thought having a dip in the holy river.. Though I found it very difficult to identify with, it was a revelation, to see how many people believe in these things so strongly.. There was also a very old and very beautiful temple on the banks of the river and people were going in there to pay their respects after bathing in the river.

The next place we went to was a village where another of my husband’s Buaji lives..It was a little village an hour’s drive from Harda. We went to a ‘khet‘ there. It was very, very pretty.. The weather was wonderfully mild, not cold, not hot..just perfect for a picnic – if only we did not have to rush back. I had a tough time getting snaps without people! We all wanted to pose out there 🙂

The next stop was Bhopal where my in-laws live.. It was just some time to relax, after all the running around earlier…I really wanted to eat some chat.. which ever since my parents left Jamshedpur – I never seem to be able to get. We did have chat – but sadly fell short of my expectations 😦 Now I have decided to stick to homemade ones – I seem to enjoy them far more!
We did not get a chance to take too many snaps here.. Just a few snaps on our way to Bhopal and the last 2 are of the view from the terrace of my in-laws’ place.

From Bhopal, off we went to Bangalore, with a hop at Mumbai.. We were pleasantly surprised to see that Mumbai Domestic Airport had been majorly revamped from the last time we had been there.. All swish and swanky.. especially in coomparison to the International Arrivals…

Bangalore, sweet Bangalore.. For some reason, Bangalore feels like home, even though we’ve lived in London, longer than we did in Bangalore.. Is it because we started off our married life here? Not sure, but I just love Bangalore.. We stayed at my Aunt’s place, met a bunch of friends, including a newborn daughter of a dear friend and had a wonderful time.. The snap below is of the new road from the Bangalore International Airport – looked wonderful, until we reached the city 🙂 And a pic from some tree-lined streets in Bangalore.. We always used to find the amount of colour on the streets amazing… There are always pink, orange, and red flowers blooming on the streets of Bangalore….

Final Stop – Wayanad.. My parent’s place… A place where I can relax, hand over my daughter to her grandparents and be sure that I don’t need to spare a thought for her:) My husband had just a week there – he still has a job 🙂 So we did some marathon sightseeing, before he left..The pictures are from a few places we went to in Wayanad.. I have been going to Wayanad every year, since I was little and we had never really done any sightseeing.. in the same way, that after living in London for 4years, we never went to St Paul’s Cathedral… Now that we moved out of London – I wish we had…

And then, before we knew it, it was time for my husband to return, so we went to Kozhikode to see him off. Going to Kozhikode meant that he had to go to the beach, so off we went. So here’s some snaps on our journey down the ghats and daddy and daughter enjoying on the beach.

After Husband dear left, it was more of a stay at home and relax kind of vacation, with the only place we went to being the Mookambika Temple in Karnataka for my daughter’s vidyarambham (initiation of education). It was a 10 hour car drive, through some beautiful places, through Kannur, Mangalore and Udupi.. Very picturesque. I didnot click too many though, the 10 hour drive was enough to drain all my enery. The last snap is a pond at a temple, we visited on our way back.. There was something very amazing about it.. I could not capture the true beauty of it…

After all that fun, it still felt that the vacations were too short.. Guess it will always feel that way 🙂 Now we’re waiting for the Easter long weekend – when we are off to Wales!


PS: My husband wants credit for the snaps – So here it is – All the good ones have been clicked by him 🙂

Vacations Over :(

As far as I can remember, coming back from a vacation has always been a very sad, empty feeling for me. When we were all young, all my cousins used to gather in Kerala for every summer vacation – and what a time that was! Coming back to Jamshedpur after all that fun was so boring. After a point, board exams, college started for the elder ones, then for me .. so vacation time was time at home with Amma and Achan – and that was just as sad when it ended.

Now, being a mother, coming back from a vacation is much, much more heart-wrenching with my daughter’s tears added to the mix. My daughter refused to let go of my parents, making me wish we did not have to go back. The only thing that made it all worth it was when she clung on to her dad and cried on seeing him when we reached here..

Anyways, as they say, life goes on, whether we like it or not, and here I am back after 7 weeks of vacation – which by the way, still felt too little – talk about greed! Jet lagged and awake at 4 in the morning – what is the only thing I can do without waking up everybody – blogging of course! If there was anything I missed during my break – it was blogging and all my blogging friends! I just did not have the time to sit at a computer, long enough to even check my mails.. So now I have 200 + unread mails and 1000+ unread posts in my reader – now that’s some reading material 🙂 And to top it all – I managed to miss out on the most blog worthy valentine’s day ever! So I’m off to read all your posts – see you there!

Madness leading upto vacation – Part II

Well, finally most of the shopping done, last weekend before flying home and not a bit of packing done yet! Loads of laundry left , loads of ironing left.

And what is it that I am doing – baking a cake. I am sure a lot of you must be wondering – why on earth is she doing, baking a cake, when she is so short on time? Well, I misjudged quantities, and have loads of butter and eggs leftover.. In London, I had friends close by, so all leftover, perishable provisions would go to them. Here, unfortunately, I do not have any close friends nearby, so have to use it all up 😦

So anybody fancying a slice of pineapple upside down cake – please head this way 🙂

Edited to add – Here’s whats left of the cake…not a pretty sight.. e-sending it to all of you 🙂

Madness leading upto vacation!

I have just under a week before heading off on our annual India vacation – and as usual – nothing is done! There is something about me and last minute madness! Why, why do I leave everything to the last minute!!!

There is so much to do – that I can’t think straight ! I actually miss those days, before my daughter was born , when packing was so incredibly simple! Just throw in everything into the suitcase! Its all changed now. Now, just as I was heaving a sigh of relief that my daughter is now completely toilet trained – I don’t have to worry about diapers – a friend of mine reminded me that they could get a tummy upset – so back to square one!

And husband and I , being very smart , for some weird reason, did not shop for chocolates, during the Christmas season – when there was a whole load of variety – now when I scan the supermarket shelves – I get hardly anything.. All I get to see is Cadbury’s of which we get better variety in India – unless I pick up Easter eggs- which by the way, are already on the shelves!

One of the biggest problems. I face is trying to figure out gifts.. I hardly find anything that we don’t get in India these days… Clothes – check, toys – check, cosmetics – check…. Do you think, it would make better sense to just buy gifts in India – instead of carting along stuff from here?

This time, thankfully, daughter is over 2 yrs old – so she gets her own seat – I am so glad of that I plan to sleep my way through the flight.. I remember those days, before she was born, when I always carried books to read on the flight- these days – all the reading that I will be doing is ‘goldibocks‘(Goldilocks – to the rest of us).

In addition to all the packing,shopping – I have to somehow, get my daughter to forget the word ‘Chicken’.. This has become her favourite food – though we don’t cook it at home, she’s had it just a couple of times, when we’ve been out.. BUT that’s what she wants the whole time! So I have to trick her with soya chunks to get her to eat her food. Now, all that would have been fine – had it not been for the fact that my in-laws are very strict about not eating non-veg.. And madam, even if I ask her, what she wants for breakfast – pat comes the answer – ‘Chicken’ ! Someone please tell me , how, how do I get that word out of her head!!!

The only thing that keeps me going is the thought.. ‘This time next week I’ll be…, This time next to next week, I’ll be…. ‘:) And by the way, I am having long, long vacation too – 7 weeks 🙂 These are the good parts of not working and a child not yet in school 🙂