Just in case anybody is in any doubt…

This is what our future(possibly) MP has to say….

In an interview with the Hindustan Times… Sanjay Dutt had this to say…

Did your wife convince you to get into politics?

Manyataji takes the decisions in the kitchen.. aaj biryani banegi ya phir kabab or chicken. That’s where she rules. In other matters I decide what’s to be done. Yes, she’s my wife, so it’s obvious that I’ll always discuss everything with her.. like every other husband and wife.

Full Interview here.

I know a lot of you will probably ask me, why Sanjay Dutt again? Well, no reason, just saw this and felt like sharing, for a laugh! Ekta Kapoor must be clapping!

UP – A Haven for crooks?

I have been following the election drama in the news channels and all possible online newspapers and am seeing a pattern here..

Every crook that is entering politics seems to be getting a ticket from UP! Thank about it, Sanjay Dutt, who has lived all his life in Mumbai, suddenly realizes that he has ‘roots’ in Lucknow, calls it his ‘second home’????

Azharuddin, somebody who could not even play sports with honesty has jumped in the fray – originally from Hyderabad, is now going to contest from Moradabad, UP! Wonder what roots he found there? I am sure they will think up something!!

And not to mention, Varun Gandhi – he probably has more of ‘roots’ in Pilibhit, as that was his mother’s constituency.. As for whether, there is any other reason, he could be allotted that constituency – is anybody’s guess!!

So what is it about UP, that seems to be attract every crook in town? Is it because the masses have been kept mired in illiteracy, casteism and regressive traditions, to ensure that they are easily swayed by our ‘leaders’?? While I am not denying that every region has it’s share of crooked politicians, I just wonder if it would have been so easy for Sanjay Dutt to go and contest in a place like, say, Bengal?

Isn’t it, also not more than a little ironic, that the 2 states that send the maximum number of MPs to the Lok Sabha, seems to have the dirtiest politicians??

Let’s say NO to criminals in politics!

Barack Obama is now the 44th President of the United States of America. I know, I know, you are all probably bored of Barack Obama posts – but I just had to say this….

For the past few months, we had been looking for Barack Obama in India and we have analysed all our current crop of politicians to try and find an Obama amongst us! What I feel is, instead of trying to find an Obama amongst us – we need to first get rid of criminals contesting our elections. Goofy Mumma is trying to start a campaign where in we try and ensure the likes of Sanjay Dutt and other convicted criminals are never be allowed to contest elections in India. If you believe in this, please join in, please read her article here. We can all make a difference, in our own little ways.

Leaving you with this to think about.. While, we do not have an Obama, let’s, at the very least, try and get the criminals out of our political system.
– Do we want to be lead by an ex-drug addict who also happens convicted criminal?
– Do we want to be lead by people who’s party MLA’s kill people for party funds?
– Do we want to be lead by people who are accused of not taking action (and even supporting) in riots – be it 2002, 1984 or any other riots?
– Do we want to be lead by criminals?

While we do not have an Obama yet – who knows, if politcs stops being a ‘dirty word’, if politcs stops being a place for making easy money, if polititicians are made accountable – may be, just may be – we might get our own Obama.

Hope, is what Obama signifies , for me, and hope is what I have – when I say ‘NO’ to criminals in politics!

When it comes to holding political office – lets adopt the policy of ‘Guilty until proven innocent’!

Edited to add : I am adding the link to Lok Satta – from Sagarone’s comment – http://www.loksatta.org/.

Manju sent me this link – http://news.indiamart.com/news-analysis/indian-polity-crimin-10043.html
‘In a blow to persons with criminal antecedents, the Election Commission has directed the Bihar Government to delete from the Electoral Rolls the names of persons against whom non-bailable arrest warrants have remained unexecuted for more than six months. About ten thousand people will lose the right to vote and the consequent right to stand for election as a result. The immediate impact of the Election Commission decision will be seen in the coming Bihar Assembly elections as many people with criminal records will not be able to take part in the polls.’