Let’s say NO to criminals in politics!

Barack Obama is now the 44th President of the United States of America. I know, I know, you are all probably bored of Barack Obama posts – but I just had to say this….

For the past few months, we had been looking for Barack Obama in India and we have analysed all our current crop of politicians to try and find an Obama amongst us! What I feel is, instead of trying to find an Obama amongst us – we need to first get rid of criminals contesting our elections. Goofy Mumma is trying to start a campaign where in we try and ensure the likes of Sanjay Dutt and other convicted criminals are never be allowed to contest elections in India. If you believe in this, please join in, please read her article here. We can all make a difference, in our own little ways.

Leaving you with this to think about.. While, we do not have an Obama, let’s, at the very least, try and get the criminals out of our political system.
– Do we want to be lead by an ex-drug addict who also happens convicted criminal?
– Do we want to be lead by people who’s party MLA’s kill people for party funds?
– Do we want to be lead by people who are accused of not taking action (and even supporting) in riots – be it 2002, 1984 or any other riots?
– Do we want to be lead by criminals?

While we do not have an Obama yet – who knows, if politcs stops being a ‘dirty word’, if politcs stops being a place for making easy money, if polititicians are made accountable – may be, just may be – we might get our own Obama.

Hope, is what Obama signifies , for me, and hope is what I have – when I say ‘NO’ to criminals in politics!

When it comes to holding political office – lets adopt the policy of ‘Guilty until proven innocent’!

Edited to add : I am adding the link to Lok Satta – from Sagarone’s comment – http://www.loksatta.org/.

Manju sent me this link – http://news.indiamart.com/news-analysis/indian-polity-crimin-10043.html
‘In a blow to persons with criminal antecedents, the Election Commission has directed the Bihar Government to delete from the Electoral Rolls the names of persons against whom non-bailable arrest warrants have remained unexecuted for more than six months. About ten thousand people will lose the right to vote and the consequent right to stand for election as a result. The immediate impact of the Election Commission decision will be seen in the coming Bihar Assembly elections as many people with criminal records will not be able to take part in the polls.’

The Audacity of Hope

Barack Obama’s book The Audacity of Hope was a real revelation for me. His honesty and vision for America shone through. To me it felt like a remarkable honest book by someone who seems to genuinely want to do good.

This is Barack Obama’s second book – I have not read his first one and after reading this one, am dying to read the first one. He comes through as very level headed and astute. The ideas and the policy positions that he has outlined in the book makes very interesting reading and gives an insight into the issues that Americans are facing now. The most interesting part is that the ideas that Obama has outlined could very well be applied to most countries. Education, health care and energy, for instance, are issues facing most countries in some measure.

After seeing the way our Indian politicians behave – Obama was very, very impressive and refreshing. He has analysed very sensibly what was done wrong during the Bush Administration and the measures that he thinks, could help change things. The best part is that he sounds very balanced , not resorting to any kind of negativism towards anyone and at the same time, coming up with sensible sounding solutions.

There are some interesting snippets from his meetings with various personalities like the US President George W. Bush and Warren Buffett, which add a lot of flavour.

One of the chapters in his book is Faith and to be honest – it was a huge revelation to me. I did not know the extent to which Faith is a factor in American politics. There are instances where he is made to look like a person of no ‘faith’ because he is pro-abortion. It is amazing that faith plays such an important role in American politics. For instance in India – religion has become part of politics but ‘faith’ as such, is not. We never hear of one politician accusing another of not being ‘Hindu enough’ or ‘Muslim enough’. Although I guess, India has enough trouble with religion alone , without needing the extra element of faith.

All in all, I really enjoyed Barack Obama’s writing style and a lot of things gave me an insight to American politics. I really look forward to seeing him elected President and then hopefully, we will get to see a new , responsible America as opposed to Big Bully America.