Weekends like this…

Ever had a weekend when you are on your feet the whole time, had not had a minute to really relax and end up in bed after a three day weekend with aching limbs , feeling, wow – that was one superb weekend?

That’s how we felt last evening! We had friends over for the long weekend and had the most wonderful time.. It was one of those friends with whom you feel absolutely comfortable and can talk nonstop with 🙂 The funny thing is that we have not even met all that often between our jobs and children and everything – but with some people, you just connect.

The children had the most wonderful time, three little girls, one five year old, one three year old and one one year old, all playing and fighting for the same toys every once in a while, fighting sleep , jumping on beds, making castles, and having the time of their lives! And we,grown-ups, decided not to waste time sight seeing and going around, instead lazed around at home, ate and ate , and talked late into the night! I have never stayed up this late in the night in recent times 🙂 and just when you go to sleep and are in deep, deep slumber, daughter wakes up – ‘I’m hungry’!

And after all that fun, the  house feels empty and lonely after they’ve gone. Suddenly, the weekend is over and its back to business as usual… And the best thing – back to blogworld  🙂 and once again I’ve got 1000+ unread posts in my reader 🙂


Easter Break

Easter Bank Holiday starts in a few hours 🙂 And I am all excited as we are off to Wales! We have a 4 day holiday here! Can I see jealous faces? Well, it used to be a much awaited holiday when I was working!

So, we are off to Swansea, Wales, for the next four days, we are desperately praying for good weather – but weather god does not look very obliging 😦 The worst case scenario is that we get stuck in the hotel rooms and play egg hunt 🙂 hopefully the children will love it (we are meeting two other families there ).

In the meanwhile, I am going to miss all the election tamasha and all your posts,*sob* *sob* !

So wishing all of you a very happy Easter and see you all on Tuesday!