A green haired monster..

… is what I would be if daughter had her way. Here’s how the conversation goes

Daughter : ‘Hello, I’m the hair dryer’ (She means the hairdresser)

Me: ‘Hello, Hairdresser’

Daughter : ‘You want to paint your hair?’

Me : ‘Yes, please, what colour are you going to colour my hair ?’

Daughter: ‘ umm, green! Pretty green!  Look in the mirror, pretty green hair!’ (After a lot of pretend colouring)

I can only thank my stars that she is not my real hairdryer hairdresser! And I guess hairdressing can safely be knocked off her list of future careers 🙂

The most difficult job I’ve ever had..

is trying to plan my daughter’s 3rd birthday party… Last year we got away with taking her to the London aquarium – she was delighted and was least interested in having a party! The year before that, on her first birthday, it was more for us than her, actually. And so much easier to organise.. I can’t believe it that I managed to do it all – while working too.. This year. however she knows everything  about a party! She has her own list of demands.

She wants a ‘Happy Birthday to me’ party:) And wants to be a ‘pincence'( her version of ‘Princess’) and just to be ensure that we do not feel left out – she’s told us ‘Amma pincence and Daddy pincence!’ She still thinks that Daddy is a girl too.. No matter how many times I tell her, she still goes, ‘Good Girl, Daddy’ and now Daddy is a ‘pincence’ too 🙂   So now she wants a pink pincence cake and lots of bloons(Balloons) and Party tooters and chocolates’ . Thats all! Nothing much!

Well, Amma has been extremely lazy, was lost in her blogging world, oblivious to the fact that daughter’s birthday is less than 3 weeks away! So, in complete panic, I did what I do best, log on, where I got waylaid commenting and reading your posts – when I remembered – Oh no! I have another agenda for today!

So have now started the search for a venue.. I found some great places where they take care of everything, including party invites, all we have to do is turn up with the cake, which too by the way, they would be happy to provide – at an additional cost of,course! As if I would assume otherwise! So what is the problem? Just this – all these great places are all booked! sob sob 😦

 Here were some sample conversations with some of the venue managers..

Me, ‘Hi, I was looking to book a birthday party for my daughter – on the xxth.’

She, Oh, I’m so sorry Ms X, but we are totally booked on that day.., would you be willing to shift your party by a coupe of weeks? I might have something then’

Me, ‘ Oh, No, thank you very much for your time’

Or alternative scenario

Phone Ringing… No answer.. please leave your message after the beep!

So now, its very clear that I am very late 😦 Let me see, surely there must be something available!! I have left loads of Voice Messages and emailed every Tom, Dick and Harry! Please please pray for me!

I have done a few useful things though,

– Have found a bunch of party food suppliers:)

-Have found party paraphernalia suppliers (what paraphernalia, you might ask , well, you’ll be surprised to see the amount of stuff that goes in! Parties certainly have become very very sophisticated these days, apparently,you need pinatas, party favours, themed cutlery, and not to forget the most important thing – the cake!! Of course, a lot of websites have loads of advice how an organic, homemade cake is the best – but thats one headache I’d rather not take up..For one, I’m lazy, two, Its going to be very difficult to keep in intact till the party starts!

So please, please pray for me – that I actually find a party venue!! And any advice is welcome:) And no, I really don’t fancy holding it at home 🙂

The Iggle-Piggle Invasion

Anybody with a pre-schooler in the Uk will need no introduction to Iggle -Piggle. For the uninitiated, Iggle-Piggle is a character from a series called ‘In the night garden'(INTG) in Cbeebies(BBC’s channel for pre-school children).

My daughter, since the time this series began, has been a huge fan of Iggle-Piggle,Upsy-Daisy etc etc etc. There is definitely something about it that makes children go crazy about it. Most of the characters have such funny names(that might be part of the attraction) and is somehow very soothing. My husband claims that he feels sleepy watching it.

Anyway, the series has become so successful, that merchandise of all sorts with the INTG characters have sprouted up.
Literally,you name it and you can find it – last week I found Wellies with Upsy-Daisy on them. My daughter already has all the books and last weekend we bought her an Upsy Daisy slipper:) I have to admit, I am lured into picking up these things in a effort to subtly bribe her into doing things. For instance,she refuses to wear slippers at home, irrespective of how cold it is. Now that she has an Upsy Daisy slipper, she has started wearing them-happily.

If this continues, I am sure, we will end up with the whole house having an ‘In the night garden’ theme. In the meanwhile, I am going to sit back and enjoy the Cbeebies’ bedtime hour with my daughter. Night Night!