Day 18: Love of Composting

Yes, I’m afflicted by this. Now I’m sure you wouldn’t hear this many a time from people. Unless of course it’s somebody like me, in which case you’d hear plenty.

The first I came across the concept of composting was when I was a child and we moved into a house with a garden. Until then we had always lived in flats. My mum always loved gardening, but it used to be limited to what she could cram into the balcony or sometimes in the terrace. So moving into a house with our own garden was something, I think my mum enjoyed quite a bit. Both mum and dad would spend a lot of time in the garden. When we moved in we had two mango trees and some other random bushes. Amma and Achan transformed it and we had flowering plants and a variety of fruit and veg. It was around this time that Achan introduced the concept of composting. We had a little compost pit in the garden.

Years flew by and I left home to go to college, went on to work and build a life of my own. In the initial years the best I could manage was probably an indoor plant. It was only in 2008-2009 when we moved into a house with a garden and with it brought back my zest for gardening. Those days I would mow, weed, clean the flower beds. The works. But we didn’t have a compost bin and given that we lived in rental accommodation, it got shelved. We then moved to Bangalore where composting was done at a community level. I yearned to have my own compost out however the uncertainty of what we were doing ensured that it remained a dream.

It’s only now, that we’ve got our own place here and I’ve got my own compost bin! Nothing, absolutely nothing gives me the happiness of popping in vegetable and fruit cuttings, dried leaves etc. into the bin. We’ve got a basic composted      not the one with worms and yet the composting happens so beautifully. I can see the lower most layers turning into compost. There’s a little flap at the bottom which allows me to check the progress. 

Every time the gardener comes he takes some compost from the bottom and spreads it across the flower beds. I must sound mad by now, but I get an indescribable joy at doing this. The waste that I would have normally put in the black bins have reduced drastically. I get to convert all the vegetable cuttings, grass cuttings , dried leaves etc.into compost. All organic without any extra hassle too. All I do extra is have a little compost bin to dump all my vegetable scraps from the kitchen. Which when full gets added into the compost bin in the garden.

So how many of you compost? Don’t you get that wonderful sense of satisfaction?