Day 15: Challenges of all sorts.

I am still amazed that I haven’t given up this challenge yet.Have to be honest here, I never thought I’d last this long. Not given how long I have been dormant in this place.

For some reason, I have managed to churn out something. Inane and meaningless, but a post all the same but I’m not going to complain. When itย  takes five minutes to type out a post, a literary masterpiece, it will definitely not be.

So. Have I told you how this is not the only challenge I’ve been involved in? No, no, not another blog challenge. I am not that crazy.I’m talking about Fitbit challenges. I’m sure a lot of you out there will know all about these. I have been using Fitbit for over two years now. Initially my phone could be used as a Fitbit device so I used that to track my steps. Soon I started developing a Fitbit community. I had friends on Fitbit who would invite you to challenges where every step counted. Before I knew it, I was so addicted that I would start taking my phone everywhere. If I left the phone and walked anywhere, I would feel totally cheated. I’ve cheated myself of the steps! Sacrilege! There was only one solution – getting a fitbit device.

I got myself a Fitbit Charge. Life was good. I would walk what I could. I would take around 10,000-12,000 steps on an average day and everything was great. Somewhere down the road, I changed the Charge for a Blaze, which I absolutely love. It looks so elegant, but my average still stayed the same. I had a bunch of friends with whom I had regular challenges. I never won much, but always maintained my regular step count. Which works for me. I like being consistent.

The other day, a colleague S asked me if I had a Fitbit. She had just bought herself a new Fitbit and was all charged. I am always game for a challenge, even if I am at the bottom of the heap, the fun is in participating, I console myself. But I hadn’t counted for the determination of this lot. S invited some others, common friends and colleagues and left me drop jawed. They average 20,000 steps on a daily basis. One of them did 27,000 steps the other day! They made 50,000 steps for the weekendย  look easy. And their determination. If one of them takes 2 steps another will take 5 to get ahead. I’ve heard stories about how people spying other people running at 11:30 at night, have started walking themselves. Anything to get your step count high, is the motto.

And poor me here. Happy with my 12,000 steps high! I’ll just have to use this challenge as an excuse why I can’t match up to their standards, after all, I can’t write while walking can I? Did I hear you say ,’Surely the five minutes it takes to type up a post like this shouldn’t make such a big dent in your steps, should it?’ Sshhh!! They don’t need to know that do they?

Or wait, better still, I should just get the husband to wear it while he gets on the treadmill! Why on earth did I not think of this so far!

Ok folks, I’m off to get in a few more steps before I retire for the night. I’ve got about five challenges going, and I need to not be at the bottom in at least one of them! And I need to start figuring out ways of getting ahead. Maybe by waking up at 2:00 in the morning and going for a run? Maybe I should just get my head checked instead ๐Ÿ™‚

So tell me, what crazy challenges have you been taking?


4 thoughts on “Day 15: Challenges of all sorts.

  1. Oh no…never done fitness challenges…actually no challenges! Only when I want to do something I go for it. Its only when somebody points that I don’t know this and that, that I feel challenged to do it.
    You go girl…keep challenging the no of steps!

  2.”re hilarious, Smits!

    You have 5 challenges going? You superwoman!

    I am doing a walking challenge too.The 100 days of walking. I’m inching close to the finishing line..another 9 days to go. I cant believe I have stuck around this far ๐Ÿ˜†
    Same goes for this blogathon of ours. Never imagined I could come this far. Even though most of what is written has been gibberish, yet its been a post nonetheless. Lets see how far we go ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good luck on your fitbit challenge and 4 other challenges. God you woman!

    • I was going to say that too! Superwoman, with 5 challenges going. ๐Ÿ˜€

      And am so glad that most of us crossed the halfway mark in this blogathon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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