Day 13: Just another random post..

This has become something of a routine now. 

Every day at around 7 in the evening, realisation dawns that my blog post isn’t ready. And from then on, it’s panic. Jotting down something and hitting publish. Actually the first week was better. I had planned, I had a few posts scheduled and a few half written ones which I could complete the day before and schedule to post first thing in the morning.

All that has become a thing of the past. It is all a mad scramble now. Even more so today when I’ve been down with a horrid migraine since yesterday. I did manage more today than yesterday but the essentials took most of my time. My lofty plans of scheduling some posts for the week went down the drain. The only time I spent in front of the computer was to put the finishing touches on a slidedeck I had promised my boss. That too, with that throbbing head of mine, I’m not sure what exactly I’ve managed to send him. Well, I’ll know tomorrow, I guess.

The only non essential thing I did was potting some plants. See my handiwork?

A rather dark picture, I know. I’ve just been too lazy to get a proper picture. It doesn’t help that the only times it was bright, we were outdoors.

But as I mentioned on Uma’s post about talking to plants, anything to do with plants calms me down so much. It is the best therapy for me. I could spend hours in the garden or with my indoor plants.

The days are getting colder here. The garden will soon look desolate and dull. I’m not looking forward to that so plan to fill the house with greenery instead. Mostly real plants and of course, some artificial like the Christmas tree. And this time I plan to put it up in the last weekend of November. This way, I’ll get to make one post out of it, which in these dire times, can’t be dissed, wouldn’t you agree?

Having said that, I’ve got to admit, I’m enjoying churning out nonsense so much, that I’m wondering if any of you are keen to do another marathon in December? Alternate day marathon, if not daily? What do you guys say?