Day 12 – Take A Chance

‘Take a chance on me..’ goes a popular song. 

I’m not much of a chance taker. I’m quite conservative when it comes to taking chances. I’m more the one for feeling safe and secure than the one to take risks. When I started looking for a job after my long break, the husband was very keen that I try contracting, better money and stuff. But me being me, looked only for the more secure jobs. I eventually took up a fixed term contract that in effect was the worst of both world when it came to compensation but I preferred the (relative) security that it gave me, as opposed to day rate contracting where your contracts could be terminated with a weeks notice. Not exactly my cup of tea.

I do take chances on some things though. Like books. On unknown authors because I like the storyline. I’ve ended up loving some new authors and not liking others so much. As is expected, I suppose. Netgalley has been great that way, I’ve managed to read authors I might not have otherwise.

Also food. I love taking chances on food as well. I love trying out different cuisines or dishes. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t.  Of course, when I am in the non risky satisfaction guaranteed mood, I wouldn’t dream of checking out anything unknown. It would be only the tried and tested and reliable stuff for days like this. 

Sometimes, of course, we take chances when we don’t have an option. Like the time I had no option on the supermarket shelf at lunchtime barring a Korean chicken wrap. I was lucky that it turned out to be fabulous and I returned the next day for more. But sometimes we take a chance when we have no option.

Makes me wonder if that’s what happened in America. Maybe the perception was that they didn’t have a choice but to take a chance on the most unlikely candidate. 

So, do you take chances on things? Or do you tend to play safe?

13 thoughts on “Day 12 – Take A Chance

  1. I don’t take much chances..I will go a mile more to be more sure.

    Like you I like to like to taste different cuisines, if I like I will eat again and if not forgets it.

    Job too I prefer a full time than on contract even if it pays more.

  2. I love taking chances. Trust me, it works. Sometimes, it may take us a very long time but ultimately, hard work pays. I am happy working from home after the lull period of three years. Like a friend and former colleague, once told me, Jobs come and go.

  3. Oh I am like you Smits! I play it safe mostly. Unless I have no option but to take a chance. I like to be in my comfort zone. It makes me feel more stable and secure. Which is why I take my time to adapt to situations. Namnam, however is more like R in that aspect. She is an absolute risk taker and she gets some kind of thrill out of that πŸ˜€

    • Deeps, same pinch. Situations I can adapt to, but taking that decision to go into the situation is the tough part. Once in, whether by choice or circumstances, I adapt quickly. So does Kunju. In these sort of situations, N is the one who takes longer.

  4. Same here I play safe and that’s why probably I have not done very well.. If only I had the guts.. but then I think being of indian mind is a hindrance whenever we need ti make a decision we start thinking of people who are dependent on us.. or even what will they say or what if this or that.. I do wish we can come out of this …

    Lately in the last few years I have started taking chances in a sense that I am saying YES to a few things and workig hard towards them.. not sure if they are right but hey what the heck I have already lived more than half the average life. So why not πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    • You are right, Bikram, it is probably our Indian mind set of ensuring security first. I don’t think I would have the guts to take a wild risk. Not sure I even want to πŸ™‚ But yes, sometimes unless you take risks you don’t progress. That’s what makes great success stories, I suppose, the courage and conviction for taking a risk.

  5. I always used to go the safer route…
    But being in business has taught me to try riskier roads and find them blossoming for me! Its all upto the mindset!

    • Uma, I can so imagine that! Business by its very nature is risk taking, isn’t it? And I’m sure it comes with it’s rewards once you have the guts to take that initial risk.

  6. I love taking chances, I’m much of a risk-taker, I’m not always worried about the outcome. If I don;t like it too much, I take the next risk/chance πŸ˜‰ Leaving an awesome job in Accenture India and landing up in Kuwait was one such. I’m still not decided whether I like this or not πŸ˜› So yes, definitely risk taker, except with food and clothes πŸ˜€ I’m happy sticking to tomboy attire, and happiest having a biriyani or white-sauce pasta wherever I go πŸ˜€

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