Day 9 – Feels like Brexit all over again

It does. It really does. We went to bed confident that Britain would vote ‘Stay’ only to wake up to a ‘Leave’ vote.

It was shocking to say the least. What was worse was when facts came tumbling out about how some of claims that the Leave campaign made were farcical to say the least. Things had been over-hyped and a gullible public bought into it.

A lot like what’s happened in America today. Or at least that’s what it feels like to me from the outside. Last evening we were discussing this at work and a few of my colleagues did predict that this is the way things would turn out. We were all hoping it wouldn’t, but it did.

What really worries me is the number of people who have voted for Trump. The mind boggles to think that anybody could think that Trump is an alternative at all, forget about ‘President’. There is something crying out to be addressed if so many people feel Trump is the right person to lead them. And from what I’ve read it’s not just about Hillary Clinton being disliked (although I can’t understand that either). I’ve read people talking about how Obama messed up America. Really? Not living there, I know, I really wouldn’t know. However it is very difficult to believe. I can’t help thinking that a lot of this is down to what people are told. The rhetoric.

And the one saying it in the most convincing manner wins. The one telling people that ‘others’ or ‘outsiders’ are responsible for their troubles win. It’s come down to that hasn’t it? Playing on people’s insecurities to win. 

Now the only hope is that the Presidency is not dictated completely by the person who is president. Hopefully he will have competent advisors advising him. Hopefully all the talk of walls and bans were all just pure rhetoric. Just to win the election. Hopefully.Lets wait and watch.