Day 7: Making Memories

It’s funny how long forgotten memories surface  when you least expect it.

I’m on a food group on Facebook. One where I do nothing but salivate at the pictures being shared. One day someone shared a picture of fried eggs being made in a tarka pan and that set me off. My grandmother used to make eggs in a pan like that. Over an old fashioned wood burning oven. It’s funny how I had completely forgotten about it until then. 

That picture brought back a flood of memories of that time, when I spent my school holidays every summer in the midst of greenery in Wayanad. One of the earliest memories I have is of having no electricity there. We lived in quite a remote place. My parents’ place, now. , has neighbours not too far away from their house, but my grandparents’ (both maternal and paternal) houses used to be perched on the side of two hills. The nearest house was across large paddy fields on a hill on the opposite side. So it was quite a different (and even scary at times – that’s a story for another day) place for a young child who lived in a colony with neighbours at shouting distance back at home. Without electricity. Being remote, electricity didn’t reach there until I was a little older (perhaps when I was 7 or 8). Actually I might have been a little might have been a little younger than that because I don’t remember reading in the light of lamps. By the time I was old enough to read we did have proper electricity. I have distinct memories of discovering my granddad’s book collection and pouring over them for hours together. The first P.G.Wodehouse I read was from his collection. I do believe my addiction to books must have been inherited  from him.

When I look back,  I remember is not the inconvenience or any hassle of not having the conveniences that we have today. What I remember is the atmosphere and the fun I had during the time we spent there. Going back to Jamshedpur always l left me sad. Sometimes I wonder if my daughter, so used to the ease of life here, would have been able to live in a time like that. Would she have ever managed given that she lives in a time where everything is so much easier. Then I see her when we are there. She has no telly there (we do have a telly, but none of the programmes interest her), she doesn’t have a tablet or fancy gadgets but she manages just fine. She finds other things to entertain her. Books, playing with pups, going for walks into the plantation with my dad or my uncle, getting her hands on a cocoa pod, or a nutmeg, writing reams and reams of her stories (yes, she loves writing). Not once do I hear her complaining of boredom. 

And I realise that she’s doing just what I did when I was her age. Enjoying the moment, adapting  to the place and making memories.. Hopefully loads of happy memories that will sustain her and remind of her holidays in a remote corner of the world, quite remote in comparison to where she lives.. Just like me. I do hope many years down the line, she appreciates how lucky she (and I ) have been to have lived in such a wonderful place, managed to experience such contrasts in life and enjoyed it to the fullest. 

10 thoughts on “Day 7: Making Memories

  1. Smits, I think its all about creating the right kind of atmosphere for our kids and letting them blossom in their own way. You’ve ensured beautifully that Kunju is never disconnected with the kind of life you have lived and loved while she learns to appreciate her own life. It gives such a wonderful balance to a child’s upbringing 🙂

    • i totally agree and was about to write something like this while reading the post… our kids will see and feel what we offer them, so its us who have to decide what kind of memories we want them to cherish 🙂

      and as far as you are concerned, you as a mom are doing an awesome job, she’s so much connected to the things around that you’ve treasured, I can see that she’s gonna have a lovely grown up days for she will have so much lovely stuff to remember from these days 🙂

      cheers tomommyhood, cheers to mothers like you, Deeps 🙂

    • I’ve just been lucky that Kunju got to be experience all this and that she enjoys it too. It would have been really tough if she hated life there. I just hope she continues to enjoy that life and doesn’t grow out of it as she grows older. Fingers crossed.

  2. Really Smithu…children left to their own find things to do always…am happy she’s making happy memories like you did !
    Do you have any pic of that beautific place?
    Post it na…

  3. I do think we enjoy more without the tablets and tv etc, I can vouch when i am in my village where electricity hardly comes for long .. YET so many things to DO I tell you , walk to the canal .. or go in the fields , watch the birds .. or just watch a farmer tilling his land or see the crop growing.. IT is BLISSSSSsssssssssss

    and the little one is doing just that enjoying it all away from all the hustle and bustle .. god bless.

  4. Aah – those days and age. Such life we had in our lives. I have sworn to myself so many times that someday when I have kids, they’ll grow up as if they’re in the most rustic place ever.

    Lovely post, it has now set me off!! 🙂

    • I know. Such fun life was then. But then our kids hopefully will say that, no matter where their childhood would be. Because for most of us childhood memories would be precious, that time where everything seems perfect, at least it does in hindsight 🙂

  5. Such a beautiful post Smithu. So glad Poohi finds her way across contrasting situations.
    I keep thinking of going to Wayanad whenever I read these posts of your’s or talk to you; wonder when the time will come. 🙂

  6. We buy those gadgets to kids, they are glued to it. Don’t give them anything, they entertain themselves. When they are let out, they explore and play. One days poohi will write her memories of her parents birth place.

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