Day 6 – The WTP Syndrome

​Also known as ‘What to Post’ syndrome.

Known to affect bloggers such as myself who sign up to NaBloPoMos in a heartbeat only to spend the rest of the month living this syndrome.

I’ve been lucky to avoid this so far this time around, of course it’s only been 5 days, so it might be a wee bit too early to celebrate. I’ve been writing and scheduling posts the day before leaving me with a full day and some more for the next day. The fact that daughter was away on a residential trip helped as well. 

Yesterday morning, Deeps tweeted that I had my post ready early in the morning, well, today, I’m the other end of the spectrum. I’m down with the WTP Syndrome. We had friends over for dinner. This was a last minute plan so it was a hectic busy day trying to sort everything out. To add to that, it was really late by the time we wrapped up stuff, by my standards (I’m in bed by 9:30-10:00 on most days). Not just woke late, also woke up with the most horrendous headache.

Today is going to be chaos. Daughter has a performance yo go to. We’ve got to drop her off at 2:30 and then go to see the performance at 6:00. She’s just let me know last night that she needs new shoes. Given that on Sunday shops only open at 11:00, I’m going to have to drive her to the shops hunt for something appropriate and then rush back to lunch, getting ready and stuff. Plus sorting out the laundry, which is practically overflowing. 

Husband came back from India last week, so he has a few loads of unwashed clothes. Daughter got back from her residential trip and has a few loads of unwashed, extremely mucky and wet clothes. I’ve been having to plan my laundry cycles to optimise loads with drying cycles and if there is one time I miss the sun the most, its at times like these. I’ve got so many clothes drying indoors that it drives me mad. If only I could dry clothes on the clothesline outside. The weather here is so beautiful that drying anything outside is a sure fire way of ensuring that they end up wetter than at the outset.

Leaving me with lots to do, with a head that hurts when I move and a post to do before the end of the day. To say that I’m going to have trouble posting, is probably an understatement. Or I could just publish these meaningless ramblings. Not that my usual posts are in any way different. 

Job done. For today.

11 thoughts on “Day 6 – The WTP Syndrome

  1. Oh my! Your hands are full. Hope the headache has reduced now. You are going well Smithu! Keep writing. πŸ™‚

    Waise, you have unsubscribed rrom mine kya? πŸ˜‰

  2. Ayyayyoo it looks like I nazar lagaoed you, Smits! Hope you beat the WTP syndrome and get your groove back πŸ˜€

    LOL I loved that term’s the most apt way to describe. The WTP Syndrome :lol:. It is getting increasingly tough isnt it?And its only Day 6

    Hope Poohi’s performance went well. Sometimes the weekends turn out busier than the weekdays no! Your Sunday looks jam packed. Take care Smits πŸ™‚

  3. Hey…take care of that headache…sometimes its just the stress of too many things in hand. Breathe out and do one by one the headache will be gone by then!
    Good luck with that laundry!

  4. Waah waah waah! I know this might not be the best post to say, yaay! Glad to read you…but it had been some time since I saw posts from you…I have to say thanks to Swaram! πŸ˜€

    Hope things are sorted out and back on schedule, now that it is monday. And do write about daughter’s performance…

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