Day 5- Footloose and Fancy-Free..

…was our state for the last five days.

Actually, child-free is the probably the more appropriate terminology although truth be said, I did feel a little footloose and fancy free..

  •  No rushing from work just in time to reach the after school club. 
  • No morning madness to get her ready in time. Actually, all that I do these days is scream all the time in the mornings, all the actual getting ready bits are done by her, but still. 
  • Lazier mornings, and on one morning when I had the worst headache in the world, I had the luxury of having an extra 1/2 hour lie in rather than having to get up anyway and get on. Pure Luxury.
  • Evenings spent outside, shopping, with no worries around it being a school night.
  • Husband and I watched a movie together at the cinema last night after ages. A grown up movie that is. Bridget Jones’ Baby if you insist on knowing. 

One of daughter’s friend’s mum asked me how I coped, did I miss her terribly, and I had to be honest, ‘Not particularly’!

And yet, I wonder why, I spent the whole day today, checking my email for school updates. Willing them to email that they are arriving earlier than expected. 

Wonder why I left work at 15:45 when I didn’t hear any further updates from school. 

Wonder why I couldn’t wait in the car for the coach to arrive.

Wonder why I couldn’t help stamp my feet in annoyance when minutes ticked by without any sign of the coaches.

Wonder why I couldn’t wait to have that daughter of mine back in my arms.All the freedom, the fun, the joys of being ‘free’ was forgotten at the sight of her waving at me through the windows of the bus. Her non-stop chattering, her excitement at all that she did at the trip. So much to share from the moment I picked her up. All the shopping, movies, dinners of the world aren’t worth the happiness of having her back at home. Even if all she is doing is sitting and reading a new book her dad got for her from his trip to India. I’ll take that anytime.

God! How am I going to manage when she goes to Uni! And its only about 8 years away!