Of missed buses and posts

I spoke too soon when I mentioned my lovely Sunday. It came to bite me yesterday.

After two lovely days, the weather decided that we have had our share, back to normal programming. Just about to hit five in the evening and a colleague glances out of the window and says, ‘Is that rain or is it snow?’.

The good news was that it wasn’t snow, but it was the heaviest possible rain. Another colleague came back from outside announcing that,’ it is absolutely chucking it down’.

Now that didn’t help me. I was supposed to use the public transport (long story, if I ever get the time to write it all down, you’ll get to hear it :). Any way to cut the long story short, my efforts at using public transport came to grinding halt. It took me 45 mins to get a bus to travel a distance which should have taken me 25 mins if I walked and under 8 mins by bus ( because the bus takes a longer route). Why didn’t I just walk? Because it was pouring, no chucking it down and with just a rain jacket, I would be completely soaked by the time I got home. Of course, it wasn’t just raining, it was also biting cold. My feet started hurting even though I was standing in the shelter of a bus stop. And who knew it would take so long to get a bus anyway.

You know how it works? You wait for a bus for 5 mins, and then think lets try another 5. Now that you’ve waited 10, what if you start walking and miss the bus which, with my luck, would arrive at the stop, at the precise moment that you are too far to run back. So calculating all that, you stay put. Hoping that the bus would arrive. I didn’t just rely on the bus, I even tried the taxis. However, it was the wrong day! Traffic was apparently held up and they couldn’t give me any guarantee of when they could get a taxi to me. Not wanting to have two uncertainties, of buses and taxis, I decided to wait it out. And a proper wait it was, 45 mins of standing in freezing cold with gusts of wind bringing stinging rain hurtling towards you. Not pleasant at all.

Buses aren’t the only things I’ve been missing. I’ve also missed posts. I’ve missed two posts since the start of this marathon. But given that I have plenty of things to worry about, I’m not going to stress myself out on this. If I do get the time to make up for the posts I missed, I will, although I wouldn’t hold my breath.

That is about all I can type up, although my mind, for a change has been churning out stuff to write down, my eyes refuse to cooperate. They are ready to shut shop for the day. Gnight.

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