Ramblings on a Sunny Sunday

Yes, you read that right. I did say sunny. It’s probably been months since its been this gorgeous.

The last few months have been miserable. Pouring and grey. I was particularly unhappy because my dad got to see the worst of the weather here. The only silver lining was that it didn’t snow. At least with the weather being the way it was, he still managed to go for long walks and dropped and picked up Daughter from school. It gave him something to do and made daughter’s life much easier. She didn’t have to wait until 5:30 in the after school club for me to pick her up.

Next week is going to be a real challenge for us, as dad’s off this Thursday. I’m going to miss him so and worry as well. Although I know that he is one of the strongest persons I’ve known in my life. Strongest and one of the most positive. I know he will be fine, but as I’ve said before once you reach a phase in life, you worry about your children as well as your parents… And I’ve unfortunately reached that stage a while ago.

What has all this to do with a sunny Sunday, you ask? Nothing at all, this is just the way my mind wanders. But talking of sunny, Sunday or not, it feels wonderful. For instance, today I was so much more productive. Cooked, cleaned, did some laundry, walked to the town centre, ironed and most important of all, even managed to take down the Christmas tree. I know, I know, totally unacceptable, but we just weren’t getting the time. It has been just too hectic. Every time I saw it in the last 10 days, I would cringe. Finally today, it’s come down.

For a change on a Sunday evening, I’m just relaxing. Typing up this post, after a heavy tea consisting of onion rings and a whole load of junk. I could fall asleep, if it weren’t six in the evening, I would.

How has your Sunday been?

4 thoughts on “Ramblings on a Sunny Sunday

  1. My Sunday is not that great with loads of work piled up.. What am I doing now? Lying down.. The clock is ticking.. Sunday is soon to end. I just don’t feel like getting up from the bed 😦

    • Ani, that’s how it is for me on most Sundays. Nothing complete and the clock ticking away. Yesterday was an aberration. We even went out for dinner as it was my dad’s last weekend before he travels back.

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